Niagara Vacation

Well, I’ve been meaning to write this blog forever…..and I don’t feel like finishing my homework tonight, so….=P

About a year ago I took a vacation to a new location for me.  I traveled over the northern border into Niagara, Ontario Canada…..ok, it was barely Canada, but it still was.  All the research I’ve done on the falls said that the Canadian falls were the most beautiful.  I can now confirm that the travel sites are correct.  The Canadian falls are spectacular.  The only part of the trip that wasn’t was the border crossing.  I got grilled for a good 2-3 minutes about gun ownership.  They agent must have asked me 5 times if I owned a gun, and if I was bringing one over with me.  I guess I must have looked like a guy that would own a gun =P.

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England 2015 – Part 3

Autumn & TracyDon’t forget to read – England 2015 – Part 1 / England 2015 – Part 2

Once we were on the train, we got to our seats quite easily.  As we had had breakfast, we decided we would wait until we were on the train between Gloucester and Nottingham to get something to eat.  We settled in for this leg of our trip, which would only be a little less than an hour.

Once we got to Gloucester, we unloaded our bags from the train, and realized we needed to cross over the tracks to get to the other platform for our train.  We found the elevator that would take us up to the bridge, crossed over, and found a little waiting room to get out of the wind.  While in the room, we realized that we should have gotten something to snack on from the other side, as there wasn’t anything on our side of the tracks.  We decided not to worry about it as our train to Nottingham was going to be arriving soon, and we would be on that train for two (2) hours, and we could get something to eat on there.

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England 2015 – Part 2

TrainDon’t forget to read – England 2015 – Part 1 / England 2015 – Part 3

We found our car, found the end we were supposed to board on, but the door was broke, so we went back to the other end of the car, though we could have just gone to the next car as the door for that was right there, and put our bags in the storage area for bags and found our seats on the opposite end of the car.  I then realized our mistake, so I went back to get our bags and moved them to our end of the train.  In doing this, I gave the tickets to Tracy.  Once we got on our way to Kemble, which is where we would meet Julie to go to Cirencester, the conductor came around to check and stamp our tickets.  I saw him coming up the center of the train and went into the pocket I usually keep the tickets and found that they weren’t there.  I checked my jacket pocket, and they weren’t there.  I then checked all my pockets and they were nowhere to be found.  I’m starting to panic a little, because I don’t generally lose anything.  The conductor gets to us, and I still can’t find our tickets.  He tells us not to worry and he will be back to see if we found them.  I check and recheck all the pockets of my jeans, my jacket and my sweat jacket, come to find, Tracy had them.   :whistle:   It was actually quite funny.  I brought the tickets to the conductor and he stamped them, then I headed off to the cafe car and got something for Tracy and I to snack on.

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England 2015 – Part 1

British AirwaysDon’t forget to read – England 2015 – Part 2 / England 2015 – Part 3

On March 27, 2015 Tracy and I got up at 5:00 a.m. and finished our last minute packing for our trip to England.  At about 6:30 a.m. we grabbed our bags and headed out.  We stopped at Au Bon Pain at the end of our road to have breakfast, then we hopped into a taxi and we were on our way.  We arrived at the airport at around 8:00 a.m.  Tracy had already checked us in, so we just had to stop at the desk to check our bags.  We ran in to a friend of ours, Lauren, and we chatted with her a bit and then headed to immigration and security.

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Krabi, Thailand 2014

In May, 2006, Tracy and I went on a trip before I started my first job in a school.  We decided to go to Krabi, Thailand.  Specifically, we decided to go to Railay Bay West.  Railay Bay East is a bit more backpackery, and that wasn’t what were really look for in a place, but once we got to the other side, we knew that was the place to be.

While we were there, sitting on the beach one night, I wrote a poem about the sound the waves were making.

The Roar

The sun has set
The land is dark
Softly music sounds
From far down the beach
I can see the waves
Crashing whitely
Across the shore
The immense sound
Draws the stress
From the mind
And the body
But if you’re quiet
And listen deeply
Behind the wave
You can hear
The quiet roar
Of the sea
Kissing passionately
The amazing faces
Of the cliffs

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Trip To USA 2014 – Part 4

Don’t forget to read Trip To USA 2014 – Part 1, Trip To USA 2014 – Part 2, and Trip To USA 2014 – Part 3.

So far, I have talked about my flight to the States, Eric picking me up, Getting Seeing my buddies Frank and Kirk again, getting Bretney a guitar and taking Bretney and Ricky miniature golfing for their first time.  It’s been a good trip so far.

DenaOn Friday, Dena arrived from New York, which was great.  I get to see her as much as I get to see my kids, and I talk to her less, sadly.  She got a room, and we hung out for a little bit and got caught up.  On Saturday, Dena, Ricky and I went to breakfast at the diner.  This actually reminded of me when we were kids and we would go to breakfast at local diners when my parents were in softball tournaments or I was in a hockey tournament.  Some really great memories there.

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Trip To USA 2014 – Part 3

Don’t forget to read Trip To USA – Part 1, Trip To USA 2014 – Part 2 and Trip To USA 2014 – Part 4.

In the last two (2) posts, I talked about my flight to the States, getting my drivers license and getting a guitar for Bretney.  At this time, Ricky had decided he is going to be spending nights with me at the hotel and I would take him to school in the mornings, and pick him up after school, which is pretty cool, and this is how it worked for most of the time that I’m in the States.

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Trip To USA 2014 – Part 2

Don’t forget to read Trip To USA 2014 – Part 1, Trip To USA 2014 – Part 3 and Trip To USA 2014 – Part 4.

In Trip To USA 2014 – Part 1, I talked about my flight to the States and meeting with my friend, Eric at the airport.

T. G. I. FridaysWhile we headed to Eric’s car, we talked about what we would like to eat as it was about 5:30 p.m. (17:30).  After some discussion, we decided on T.G.I. Friday’s, as I haven’t eaten there since my second to last trip to England.  We ended driving around a mall looking for it, then decided to cross the road to see if it was on the other side, which it was.  Figures, lol.  We went in and sat down and ordered.  I decided to go with the Jack Daniel’s Burger and a beer.  Sorry, but I don’t remember what the beer was.  These things happen, but if Eric remembers, he’s more than welcome to tell us, lol.  The Jack Daniel’s Burger was actually pretty good.  Usually, T. G. I. Friday’s does really good burgers, and this was no exception.  Also, I’m sorry Eric, but I don’t remember what you had either.  After we finished dinner, we got on the road and headed to Etters, Pennsylvania, USA.  I kind of feel bad for Eric at this point, because I ended up zonking out on the way there, so he didn’t have anybody to talk to.

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Trip To USA 2014 – Part 1

I just recently went on a trip to the USA.  It was a great trip, and I got to spend time with my kids and my dad and one of my sisters, which you will see.

April 17, 2014

Coffee At AirportI had to get an early start for this trip.  I was up at 2:30 a.m. to pack any last minute things, and then I walked out to the main road at 3:30 a.m. to get a taxi so I could be at the airport at 4:30 a.m. for my flight at 6:30 a.m.  Talk about an early damn morning!  LOL.  I got the airport and got checked in and made my way to the gate.  I finally found a coffee place that was open and sat down and tried to wake up a little bit.  The coffee was super hot, but very watered down.  I sat drinking my coffee, wishing I was at home with Tracy, but also excited to get to the States to see my kids.Suvarnabhumi Airport

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Shoulder Massage

Should Massage

Tales Of Thailand

It’s time for another post from a series of posts I wanted to start from before called Tales of Thailand.  I won’t make posts with this tag all the time, but when something fits, I will try to remember and make a post about it.

Let me start off by saying that I’ve been a huge fan of massages of any type for as long as I can remember.  I remember as a kid, I would snuggle up to my mom so try to coax her to rub my back.  I would convince the women or girls that I knew as a teenager to rub my back, and I would offer to rub their back of course, lol.   Thai Massage

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