NFL Competition

For the past few years, I was running a little football pool with some of the people that I worked with.  It was a lot of fun, and we had a good laugh giving each other a bad time about each others picks.


Most of the people that I worked with have moved on to different locations or back home.  Our plan was to continue with the football pool, but it looks like it isn’t going to happen this year, which is no big deal.


This year, Tracy and I decided we would have our own little competition.  This is 100% for fun.  Basically, we are going to continue doing our football picks each week, but we have decided to to not only keep track, but to make it public for all of you that read our blog.


The plan is that we are going to pick the winners for every game of every week.  We are going to keep track of who wins the week.

We are also going to keep track of who has the most wins total as the weeks go on.


If anybody else is interested in joining us in this, we would be very happy to add you to the list.  Each week, I’ll post the updated chart, and I’ll also post what each of our picks were.  If you’re interested, I’ll add a download each week to the post, so you can let us know what you want to pick as well.  If you’re going to join us, we would prefer it if your picks are in before the first game on Thursday.


I’ll even add the week one games here, and as a download, so if anybody is interested, they can just let us know.


Day Visitor Home
Thursday September 8 Panthers Broncos 1
Sunday September 11 Buccaneers Falcons 2
Vikings Titans 3
Browns Eagles 4
bengals Bengals at jets Jets 5
raiders Raiders at saints Saints 6
chargers Chargers at chiefs Chiefs 7
bills Bills at ravens Ravens 8
bears Bears at Texans Texans 9
packers Packers at jaguars Jaguars 10
dolphins Dolphins at Seahawks Seahawks 11
giants Giants at cowboys Cowboys 12
lions Lions at colts Colts 13
patriots Patriots at cardinals Cardinals 14
Monday September 12 Steelers Steelers at redskins Redskins 15
rams Rams at 49ers 49ers 16


Always remember: Life is supposed to be fun, so enjoy it!


Week-1 <~~~Download

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