Nothing profund today, just an observation on the loveliness of orchids growing on a tree bough at the start of monsoon season. Actually the title is misleading as this type of orchid is actually an epiphyte and epiphytic organisms usually derive only physical support and not nutrition from their host. But I was thinking that parasites are seen as negative in that they take from the host whilst giving nothing in return. Unless of course we consider beauty to be of value.

Maybe this symbiotic relationship is like that of a beautiful young woman with a leafy sugar daddy. He gives support and she offers nothing but her loveliness.

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  1. I can relate. I feel like a parasite, but – at least – I give more than a bit of physical beauty back to Jamie. But, yeah…interdependence is a symbiotic thing.

    So, yeah, kind of profound, after all.

  2. Indeed. I was subtly trying to make the point that we scorn women who bring nothing but beauty to a relationship, but value orchids. Maybe beauty is enough. It is both revered and undermined. Complex thoughts.

    But yeah, you bring much more than physical beauty. You offer love and nurture Jamie’s soul.

  3. However, I was going to add that maybe as humans we should aspire to more than passive plant status… however I then recalled someone rather wise would contradict me thus:

    Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. (Matt. 6:28-29)

  4. “Where there is beauty one must gaze,” my granny used to say, and then smile knowingly and mysteriously, and then laugh loudly. It became a family joke.
    Being more of a Darwinist than my maternal grandmother, I would maintain that human beauty is not as mysterious as is often suggested. It is merely an indicator of reproductive fitness, and can be broken down into those physical features which correlate with youth, health and vigour; such as good skin, teeth, hair, and symmetry of physical features. Symmetry is everything, you know, and I like to believe both sides of my face are equally ugly.
    Why humans find other objects beautiful or hideous, I don’t know. It seems to have little to do with utility, and if it did, a potato would be more beautiful than a lily, and we would adorn dining room tables with tubular displays and comment favourably on their exquisite fragrance. A Freudian would claim a lily is reminiscent of…well, we all know what a Frenudian would say… (I think I’ll leave that typo in!).
    Impressive blog, by the way, and I’ll follow it avidly, and try to hardest to suppress my unhealthy negativity, destructive cynicism and downright obnoxiousness. The things I do for you!

  5. “I’ll follow it avidly, and try to hardest to suppress my unhealthy negativity, destructive cynicism and downright obnoxiousness. The things I do for you!

    you know I appreciate it… and if you send me a link to your bitter satirical diatribe of a blog I will add you to my blog roll – just to balance out all my cheesey sentiment ^^

  6. Huh. And now I know why I dislike Darwin so much. Bring on the mystery and magic of beauty, thank you very much!

    Oh, and Tracy, I’m having withdrawls here. New post soon???

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