Shodan Test

Kagawa Sensei Matsui-sanOn November 8th, 2015, I took my first ever Shodan (First Degree Black Belt) Test.  What comes below is what I had to do for my test.

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1st Kyu (3rd Brown) to Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) kihon (techniques)

  1. Zenkutsu-dachi Gedan Gamae
    1. Lunge step forward sanbon-zuki (step forward three times)
    2. Jodan age-uke, mae-geri, gyaku-zuki (step back three times)
    3. Chudan soto-uke, kiba-dachi enpi, zenkutsu-dachi ura-zuki gyaku-zuki (step forward three times)
    4. Koukutsu-dachi, shutou-uke, front leg mae-geri, nukite (step back three times)
    5. Gedan barai, nekoashi-dachi chudan uchi-uke, zenkutsu-dachi ura-zuki, yori-ashi gyaku-zuki (step forward three time)
  2. Mawatte gedan-gamae
    1. Same leg mae-geri, mawashi-geri, gyakuo-zuki (step forward three times)
  3. Mawatte gedan-gamae
    1. Ushiro-geri, gyaku-zuki (step forward three times)
  4. Mawatte gedan-gamae
    1. Turning, stepping forward ura-ken, gyaku-zuki (step forward three times)
  5. Mawatte gedan-gamae from zenkutsu-dachi
      Same leg yoko-geri ka-age ke-komi (step forward three times)
  6. Mawatte gedan-gamae
    1. Jodan soto-uke, sideway inward yori-ashi gedan baria, front leg mae-geri, gyaku-zuki (step forward three times)

1st Kyu (3rd Brown) to Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) kumite

  1. Jodan oi-zuki / Jodan age-uke
  2. Chudan oi-zuki / Chudan soto-uke
  3. Mae-geri / Gedan barai
  4. Yoko-geri / Chudan soto-uke
  5. Mawashi-geri / Chudan uchi-uke
  6. Ushiro-geri / Gedan barai

1st Kyu (3rd Brown) to Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) kata

Heian Godan

Junro Godan

Tokui kata – Empi


Sadly, I did not pass this test.  My kihon and my kumite were good, but my kata lacked what is called kime, which is like spirit/force, but that’s ok, because I will pass the test the next time.  Don’t you all worry.


Thank you for reading.


Always remember:  Nothing worth having in life is easy.

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