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  1. Weather

    It rained last night so it’s muggy today. Bleh.
  2. Pets - Gotta have them, Gotta love them

    @PyroCJI believe so. Lol.
  3. Fortune Cookie....

    Let us know when you’re coming @icewlf lol.
  4. Beginning

    Gah! @Cyrain, you have me so hooked! Love it! I can't wait for more!
  5. Amusing Pictures

    Yes, I know it's another video, but it's so worth it. LMAO. I just couldn't stop watching it.
  6. Snapshot Stories

    Going to go read it now @Cyrain.
  7. What's for dinner tonight??

    We did have Bon Chon Chicken! Mmmmm. Tonight will be McDonald's chicken nuggets with fries.
  8. The NL Avie Store

    LOL, they might have been, but themes (skins) were designed a bit differently back then. LOL.
  9. Questions

    Didn't you think it?
  10. Why.......?????

    Why wouldn't you hang up?
  11. The person above me

    Should take the wife on a trip to Thailand.
  12. The Person Below Me.

    Damn, you're psychic. How did you know? Will wonder why they keep coming back to this thread.
  13. Three word story (continuous)

    work with her
  14. Phuking running Nakkie in the Park

    Hers her naked from the other side.
  15. Random comments

    LMAO, I actually laughed out loud with this one @Moonhawk