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  1. Timberwolf

    Football Pickems

    Thank you @Spyder. I have 1 maybe 2 people that might be interested in playing. Do you mind if I share the link with them?
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    Word association

  4. Timberwolf

    Alphabetical Word Association

  5. Timberwolf

    What Made You Feel Proud Today?

    That @hirondelle went up in her first partial suspension and full suspension yesterday.
  6. Timberwolf

    What made you happy today?

    This is for yesterday. I have a few things. Doing my first partial suspension with @hirondelle Doing my first suspension with hirondelle. Getting things started for a new gaming group. This is for today Going to my tattoo artist tonight to get a new tattoo.
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    Word association

  9. Timberwolf

    Alphabetical Word Association

  10. Timberwolf

    Football Pickems

    Excellent. I might have a couple of friends that will be interested as well.
  11. Timberwolf


    I hoped this would draw you in @Spyder. When I was listening to the song above, I was reminded how much it blew me away, so I wanted to post it, and it got me thinking about others. I will have more in time as well.
  12. Timberwolf


    This isn't the What are you listening to now, Spyder? What I would like to know is this. I'd like you to take a band that when you first heard them, but then you heard one of their songs and you were just hooked. You can share the video or the audio file or whatever. I'll start it out with the band Disturbed. When I first heard them, I like them, but I didn't think they were anything that just blew my hair back. They had some great songs like Down with the Sickness, which I liked, and was really good. Then on their Immortalized album, which came out in 2015, had a cover of a song that I've always loved, and this cover version just blew me away! That song is Sound of Silence and here it is. What are you thoughts on this? What are songs that made you fall for a band? Let me know.
  13. Timberwolf

    Football Pickems

    Hey @Spyder, are we going to do a football pickems this year? How many people do you want involved? Maybe some of the other NLers would like to join as well.
  14. Timberwolf

    Self Harm

    I like the butterflies @Aliea. Yes, you are not responsible for other peoples reactions. Whatever is going on with other people is their story and not yours.
  15. Timberwolf

    Problems Fixed

    So, we recently had some problems with a few of our themes after we updated. For The Lodge, Fancy Pants and Gamer Nerd to be specific. The problem was, if I had one of them set as a default theme, and a member wasn't signed in, they got nothing but a blank page. We didn't catch this right away, because we are always signed in. We don't know how long it went on because nobody let us know that it had happed unfortunately. Now we understand that people are busy with their real lives, so that's not a problem. I would like to thank @Cyrainfor bringing it to our attention. With working with the theme developer, we finally got The Lodge and Fancy Pants all sorted. We're still waiting on Gamer Nerd though. Please, if you notice anything isn't working the way it should, bring it to our attention right away so we can fix it as soon as possible.