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Status Updates posted by Timberwolf

  1. I'm so excited!  @hirondellecomes back home tomorrow after 2 weeks away!  I can't wait!

  2. Just so you know, The Northlands has been updated to the latest version. If there are any issues, please let me know as soon as possible.

  3. I love writing.  I just posted another story.


    There is just something so nice about writing.  Yes, I know this is another Part 1, but sometimes I need to get things out.  :) 

  4. I have made a few changes (again) and hopefully, this has stopped the logging out.  Can you all please test and test and test this and let me know.  Thank you.

  5. Everything appears to be working fine, so please let me know if you have any problems.

  6. OK, I'm making some changes, that will hopefully make being at NL smoother for everybody.  They are telling me it can take from 20 minutes to 5 hours.  Please keep checking until it's back.  Love you all.

  7. It feels good to be inspired to write a story.  Thank you @Squarepeg.

  8. I'm about to do an update, so please be patient.

  9. Yes, I know the board is doing that thing again.  Remember, it only looks like your signed out.  If you hit Ctrl-F5, you will see you're still signed in.  

  10. Excited to play (ice) hockey in about an hour and a half!  Loving playing again! 

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      Yeah. I have a picture of him after he got his cast. I'll post it later. 

  11. I'm sorry everybody.  I'm working with IP Services on the server side of NL.  Please be patient.  

  12. So nice to have our home back the way it should be.  :x

    1. hirondelle


      I know - I hope everyone else is happy too!

    2. Kethlia


      Runs in pouncing on both!