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  1. This is Kaliyah and she's five months old. She makes my heart happy. I've been a busy daddy so my presence here has been a little less than I'd like.
  2. Mirbiggs

    Gun control

    Of course this discussion isn't an easy discussion. I agree that Americans are in love with fire arms... And not all folks are fit to have them. But America was built on guns and revolution. Resistance to tyranny. It was built on freedom and the right to over throw a corrupt and abusive government. In fact it's our duty to say when enough is enough. I know in a lot of other countries they don't have the same issues. But all things considered, gun violence isn't a huge cause of death here in America. Cancer, heart disease, blunt force trauma, drug use, alcohol abuse are all bigger body counts than gun violence.
  3. Mirbiggs

    Gun control

    just curious about everyone's opinion. Personally I believe it's your god given right to posess any gun that our military owns for a handful different reasons. First and foremost the American second amendment wasn't written for hunters. It was written to defend ourselves against tyrany from both near and far. We as citizens have a right and a responsibility to defend ourselves against anyone who would oppress and enslave us. People always say that back then when the constitution was written, it was fine to have guns as they were single shot black powder rifles. We don't need assault weapons because they are made only for killing. Well I believe that's exactly the point. Our military and our police force have those weapons. Both these groups work for a government who can at any moment turn these weapons against our fellow citizens. You might think I'm paranoid... But it has happened in the past and it's not outside the realm of possibility of happening again. Secondly, other countries who would wish all of America harm have these weapons. And a large reason that they don't engage in an invasion is the fear that all Americans have guns. Also street gangs and other criminals also have semiautomatic and fully automatic weapons. You think America would be safer from them if good law abiding citizens gave up their guns? I don't think that's logical. In the end if our government reappeals the second amendment or continues to change it, it sets precedence to change other amendment rights. Like your right to freedom of speech, or your right to keep military or police from busting through your door. Where would it end? And if it does get changed why not just change it all. Get rid of those in power and start over completely? Remember this is just one guys opinion... In light of recent tragedies I'm sure everyone has some serious opinions about the American gun obsession. And although you might disagree with me, I still love y'all
  4. Mirbiggs

    Amusing Pictures

  5. Mirbiggs

    Phuking running Nakkie in the Park

    I remember when there was a whole thread about naked stuff... Way back in the day
  6. Mirbiggs

    Legalize Pot Use

    There's an exciting prospect. hemp. that stuff is insanely versatile in the way that you can produce so many things from it using a relatively small area. and that crop grows in just a few months, Vs a large forest that takes years to regrow. Anyone hear of hempcrete? That's some amazing and long lasting stuff right there.
  7. Mirbiggs

    Pineapple on Pizza

    What is wrong with you people? Hawaiian pizza is the ultra ultimate. I thought we could be friends... Maybe even lovers... But now, I'm disgusted with my original thought. Hating on pineapple pizzas. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.
  8. Mirbiggs

    The Northlands Tunage

    My band daybreak with our song burnin down Listen to Burnin down by bocifer #np on #SoundCloud
  9. Mirbiggs

    Legalize Pot Use

    When big companies like energy, pharma, gas/oil, tobacco and alcohol can buy your politicians... It should be time to get new politicians. The fact that pharmaceutical companies have paid for votes against the legalization of cannabis should show how much of a threat it is to their chemicals that they push on us. They have a drug for every little problem. And if you have adverse effects they have a drug for that. If you become dependant on that drug they have a substitute. And then when they kick you off that drug... Well now you're an addict.
  10. Mirbiggs

    Legalize Pot Use

    I was working for a medical marijuana dispensary and every year they make the regulations harder to keep up with. Every year they make it all so much more difficult than it needs to be. It was a great job, had a lot of nice perks. But it became almost unbearable to keep up with the constant changes in regulations. That being said. If they created a different commission for just the sales of medical and recreational cannabis, I feel that everyone would win. As it sits now, states that have legalized the use of recreational cannabis, opioid overdose has gone down, veterans are using cannabis to fight ptsd. And suicide rates for veterans are falling. Cancer is being treated differently. Seizure patients are suffering less. Cannabis, (especially CBD dominant strains and products) is making life better for those who otherwise rely on big pharmacy products that have horrible adverse effects. It should be legalized and decriminalized all across the country
  11. Mirbiggs


    Does this thread have a point?
  12. Mirbiggs

    The Woods

    The ragged owl turns a predatory eye towards the swimming squirrel. Yumi... I think she means yummy. He chuckles menacingly as he remembers many different ways to eat a squirrel. Feel free to take this comment any way you wish.
  13. Mirbiggs

    Legalize Pot Use

    They can. But there's a whole lot of Wilderness in southern Oregon and gorilla grows are hard to find. Plus the regulations are still very new and always changing. So it's difficult to stay legal. Government regulation is handled by Oregon liquor control commission. They are basicly handling their own competition. They should form a new commission to handle cannabis to keep everything fair
  14. Mirbiggs

    Legalize Pot Use

    Legalizing and taxing cannabis would make the government some extreme revenue. Colorado had to issue a check back to its residence because the government took too much revenue from. The legal. Sales of cannabis. Not to mention the health benefits of CBD oils, and tinctures and strains. These cbds have been helping with cancer, seizure, and many other symptoms of horrible maladies. The downside of legalizing cannabis is that people are flooding the market making it really difficult for farmers to make their fair share. My hometown in southern Oregon was thriving on sales of legal marijuana until outsiders started flooding into the area. With these outsiders came illegal grows, crime and violence. So there's that.
  15. Mirbiggs

    The Woods

    I zone out too... But it's a brain damage thing. Don't feel bad.