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  1. Hope you have a wonderful day.
  2. Happy birthday, Dom! Have a wonderful day!
  3. The Timeless Inn

    He gives her a grin. "Don't worry, my normal consists of going with the flow. Not that I don't miss my home, but my life has consisted of doing what must be done for quite some time, this can't be that much different." He shrugs, then looks a little more intently at her. "So, what do you do for fun around here?"
  4. Questions

    Should I?
  5. That's what she said?

    That goes where?
  6. Three word story (continuous)

    to the pole.
  7. Random comments

    Bricks are just domesticated rocks.
  8. Alphabetical Word Association

  9. Word association

  10. Counting

  11. What are you reading at the moment?

    Mistborn, by Brandon Sanderson Edgedancer, by Brandon Sanderson The Demon Awakens, by R.A. Salvatore
  12. Pristov Eli Isles

    He comes to his feet, cringing at the pain. "I'm a bit intrigued by the floating islands here. But I've no notion of how to get to them."
  13. The palace of Light and Dark

    "You are very kind." Dazen accepts the touch reluctantly, as if not accustomed to being touched. Then, resolved, continued to follow. "My apologies. It has been some time since I was of a form that had such sensory input. It will take some time to adjust to the sensations." There is a brief pause. "I seem to be making that excuse a lot."
  14. The Woods

    An ear twitches in the direction of the small cat, seeking out a sound to go with the new scent.
  15. The Timeless Inn

    Cocking an eyebrow, he listens to her explanation. "That's a little distressing, considering that I have a fairly good internal clock. Are you saying that I should expect to become ... depressed?"
  16. The Woods

    "Looks like you got him really good, Yumi." He winks back at @Timberwolf.
  17. Pristov Eli Isles

    After he finishes with the splint, the man collapses, teeth still clenched, taking deep breaths through his nose. "Thanks," he stutters, sweat pouring down his forehead.
  18. The palace of Light and Dark

    Dazen nods slightly at her revelation. "Rest, I think, for the time being would be best." Dazen's legs quiver a bit as the being takes a step forward and nods more emphatically. "Yes, rest. Perhaps that will restore me enough to remember my message and it's recipient."
  19. The Woods

    "That good, huh?"
  20. That's what she said?

    Probably a good idea.
  21. Welcome..... back

    Welcome back, @Reddragon!
  22. That's what she said?

    Oh my!
  23. Welcome Rioblane!

    Welcome back, @Rioblane.
  24. Its Baaaaaccckkk!!!

    Welcome back, @PyroCJ!
  25. Alphabetical Word Association