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  1. So, the problem with social media (well, there's a lot of problems with social media, but that's a whole other topic), and Facebook in particular, is the whole algorithm thing. If you have a professional page as an artist or business of any kind, Facebook wants you to pay to be seen. They want you to 'promote' your posts so that people who have already liked your page will see them! It isn't even advertisement to reach people who don't know about you yet, it's to reach people who have already liked your page and expect to be seeing your posts (but never do). But, the thing is, the more you are seen (and more likes and shares you get), the more you will be seen. It's like a popularity thing. But, the less you are seen, the less you will be seen. It's very frustrating when you are trying to reach your fans. My solo artist page has 5781 likes. But, only a tiny fraction see what I post. And, Facebook limits the amount even further if the post is a link to a song or video. Photo posts generally get seen more. But, I am promoting my MUSIC. It's what needs to be heard. And, to be heard, the posts have to be seen. So, I am asking for your help. If you have a Facebook account and you have liked my page, don't wait until you see a post from my page in your newsfeed (it might never come up). Manually go to the page yourself and look at it. Please, go take a look at the posts. Especially the video posts and links to music posts. I would, of course, like you to 'like' the posts and share them so more people can see/hear them. But, I am NOT asking you to like and share what you don't genuinely like. However, a lot of you don't even know that I have posted anything because Facebook isn't letting you know. You don't know if you like it or not because you haven't been given the chance to see/hear it! Next, to the people who haven't liked my page, would you please check it out. You might like it. And, if you do, then LIKE it, please. Then, follow the above request, if have time and want to. So, here's my solo artist page: www.facebook.com/AutumnDawnLeaderMusic/ Then, if you have the time and really want to help, if you'd do the same thing over on my The Way Out band page: www.facebook.com/wearethewayout/ Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it.
  2. Is anyone else learning how to forum again?

    Yes. I'm finding it a challenge. Brain-fog doesn't help.
  3. Love Stories

    Thank you. We love you, too, @Tika. Yes, it was Dana who finally convinced me to go back online and check all the messages I had been getting. It was also Dana who brought to my attention that Jamie did have a depth of feeling for me that I hadn't been able to let myself believe was there, for fear of another disappointment in my life. I signed in invisibly and looked at all the posts that were about my absense. Then, I went back and read the poetry thread; I went through all of @Squarepeg's poems again, and I saw it: they were about me. But, I didn't even know if he realised how he felt or if it was a subconscious thing. I remember sitting there and thinking how tragic the whole thing was. A tragic love story. I had no clue what Jamie was prepared to do. I simply saw the whole situation as impossible and, therefore, tremendously heartbreaking. To cut a bit of this long take short, I finally sent a message to Jamie, via IM. I still didn't want to deal with the board, so I stayed invisible on there, and also it was only to Jamie that I made myself visible on the Yahoo IM thing (we all used back then). And, I honestly do not remember when we finally made it clear to each other how we felt. But, it obviously happened. I didn't know what to do. But, Jamie immediately started making plans. Plans to leave the abusive then-wife. Plans to move back in with his mum until he could secure a place of his own. And, most importantly, plans to come and visit me in the States at Christmas. He did actually ask me to marry him before we had met in person. And, I said yes. ---------- to be continued....
  4. Age, if you want to share.

    *Quietly walks out of the thread*
  5. Hey Songmistress...?

    Thank you, all.
  6. Love Stories

    @Squarepeg, maybe you should take over telling a bit of the story now, just because the rest of this week is not going to allow me any brain space to get in here and write it. Otherwise, peeps are just going to have to wait until I can get back to it.
  7. Songmistress's 'Radio'

    Thanks, @hirondelle. I give you the incomparable and SORELY underrated musical genius that is Kevin Hewick: Kevin Hewick (born 4 February 1957, Leicester) is an English singer-songwriter who was an early member of the Factory Records roster and toured with Joy Division. Today he is known for his recordings on Pink Box Records, an independent label based in Leicester, and his recent work with Venetian collective Unfolk. This is a track from his last album 'Touching Stones and Tasting Rain', 'Forgotify'. https://kevinhewick.bandcamp.com/track/forgotify Keep an eye out for Kevin's next studio album coming out later this year. A certain person you know features upon it.
  8. (The) Because (Thread)

    Because I don't have the brain space.
  9. What are you reading at the moment?

    Uh, don't know what fubared that post.... the coding didn't work at all...... I don't know how to fix it. I have the dumb.
  10. What are you reading at the moment?

    On 07/10/2017 at 3:39 AM, Timberwolf said:I’m rereading Shadow’s Edge (Book 2 of the Night Angel trilogy) by Brent Weeks. I don’t know what it is about this series, but I just love it @Squarepeg likes Weeks. I can't read him. I tried. Ended up crying and shaking in a corner, needing to be extra-medicated. He treats his characters as if he, Weeks, is Life, and he tortures them and wrecks and destroys them, as life does to us. He's an excellent writer. But, he's a fucking bastard. That 'The Magic and the Healing' book sounds intriguing. I dig stories that bring together science and magic, like music does. At the moment, I'm reading Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King.
  11. Pineapple on Pizza

    This I also gave an honest try. But. No. Corn does not belong on a pizza and neither does it belong mixed up together with mayo and tuna fish. I'm actually wondering if anyone has ever had human on a pizza. Like, maybe that's in the Hannibal Lecter cookbook somewhere.
  12. Love Stories

    She doesn't get eaten by the eels at this time.
  13. Songmistress's 'Radio'

    Yeah. This is awkward, but it appears that the song was removed from soundcloud after I posted it. Oh well.
  14. Three word story (continuous)

    dance in circles
  15. Why.......?????

    Why am I drinking sherry?