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  1. I’ve been gone for a while. Life has kept me busy. Between my company, the kids, life in general I’ve been busy. Have a great Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it! I miss you all

  2. The Person Below Me.

    I am never been a pirate... will dress up as a pirate all year long
  3. Phuking running Nakkie in the Park

    ~dumps a bucket of water over tw and fm and runs away naked~
  4. What are you looking at now?

    Part of my pop collection
  5. Why.......?????

    Why is that important?
  6. Random comments

  7. Three word story (continuous)

    Because it is
  8. That's what she said?

    Does it always look like that?
  9. Questions

    Do we need a new topic?
  10. Alphabetical Word Association

  11. Word association

  12. Counting

  13. Halloween

    This years Halloween
  14. Football NFL Season

    Don’t need that they need to build on what hey have. They had a decent o line they tore it apart. They had a great rb squad they tore it up and now again. They have good receivers they send those away too for what for bullshit. I love them and I hate them. Stupid ass organization and upper management idiots
  15. Football NFL Season

    Another idiotic move by a franchise who has done shit for their fans for years and years