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  1. Football NFL Season

    So the season is over the Eagles win it good for them another 6 months to wait until we start again
  2. That's what she said?

    Just going off the tittle hehehe
  3. What made you sad?

    That so many people have abandoned this place again
  4. The person above me

    Hasnt posted in ages
  5. The Person Below Me.

    Extremely happy since I have some time as well Will jump up and down with joy
  6. Random comments

    Sadly the moon is not really made of cheese
  7. Three word story (continuous)

    Point in the
  8. That's what she said?

    Why is it crooked?
  9. Alphabetical Word Association

  10. Why.......?????

    Why was I gone for so long?
  11. Word association

  12. Counting

  13. Phuking running Nakkie in the Park

    Watches the nakedness from the shadows
  14. Happy Birthday, Timberwolf!

    Happy belated old man 😂
  15. What are you reading at the moment?

    Just finished the Shroud of Eternity by TG. His Nicci chronicles and way better than the ending of SOT series. Very refreshing and interesting. And im back
  16. I’ve been gone for a while. Life has kept me busy. Between my company, the kids, life in general I’ve been busy. Have a great Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it! I miss you all

  17. Picture Forum

    Well you know what to do the wife and I went on a date and we had Snapchat fun while waiting for the movie to start
  18. Pineapple on Pizza

    To me it’s a hell no but that just me
  19. The Person Below Me.

    I am never been a pirate... will dress up as a pirate all year long
  20. Phuking running Nakkie in the Park

    ~dumps a bucket of water over tw and fm and runs away naked~
  21. What are you looking at now?

    Part of my pop collection
  22. Why.......?????

    Why is that important?
  23. Random comments

  24. Three word story (continuous)

    Because it is
  25. That's what she said?

    Does it always look like that?