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  1. Ok, my first writing assignment for my professional writing course was to develop an internal unsolicited proposal for an issue that I have identified in my work place. The draft was due for peer review tonight, and the final is due on Saturday. If anyone has some time, and is willing, please take a look at the attached document and let me know what you feel I should change, what I misspelled, where I used too many commas, where I was too verbose, etc. The name of the company is fake (not comfrotable using my real company's name, as if this were real, I'd have done one hell of a lot more research before writing it). Thanks for any help you can provide. And thanks for just making it through this post, even if you don't read the file =P Henson-Writing Assignment 1.docx
  2. HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej

    @hirondelle I've been following him on facebook and twitter since the coup. He's also answered several questions I've posted about what to expect at different holidays, or places. He's an amazing guy
  3. HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej

    I very much wish I could be there for the cremation to see the mourning cycle find closure. I was concerned at the impact it would have on my vacation, and I did have to change some plans, but, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience a side of Thai culture that most westerners will never experience. I felt uncomfortable wearing bright colors, until I found a vendor that gave me a mourning ribbon. I still have 2 in my room. Was hard traveling on the sky train, and walking the malls, because you could feel the somberness coming off the Thai people, and you could see the tears barely held in, but I did truly feel honored to be able to witness it. I also felt the appreciation so many of them had for the farang who did their best to honor the king, and share in the mourning. I can't imagine the loss so many of them feel, but I did get a glimpse of it, and shared in the mourning.
  4. Writing Questions

    I just started a professional writing class....its 7.5 weeks, and its gonna be hell cause of the condenses schedule and when teh first paper is due (SUnday) =P If I manage to get my papers done in time, is anyone willing to read and provide comments/editing, etc? Not sure I'll have time to post, but....If I can get ahead of the curve wanted to see the willingness/eagerness to do free work for me =P
  5. Picture Forum

  6. Picture Forum

  7. Card exchange

    You will still provide an address though, so we can shower you with love, right???? Its not like I'd show up at your door all unannounced or anything......never me.......=P hehehehehh
  8. Wish me luck

    Tomorrow at about 10am, I take my calculus final.....I need a 99.17 to get an A+, an 87.75 to get an A, a 79.17 for an A-, a 70.6 to a B+, a 59.17 for a B, and a 50.6 for a B-........... I hope I can pull this off =P totally not expecting an A+ this time around.
  9. drink lots and lots of water. Help flush the system and shoot it out. Also, if you're not already, drink at least 2 liters of water a day (help keep your urine diluted). Not fun, but....with time, if you're cursed enough to have a lot, you really do get used to them. I got to the point where I didn't really know I was in pain until I looked at myself shaking, and my skin tone. My mind refused to acknowledge the pain, cause it was a known.
  10. meh....you get used to them =P hehehehehee
  11. What made you sad?

    senseless violence, and media insensitivity. The US news media in general.
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  13. What are you reading at the moment?

    ok...now on the Dragon Reborn +P
  14. My Photo Site

    THank you. I really wish I could be there for it, so I could go full circle
  15. My Photo Site

    well....I did say I was WAY behind =P. My class ends this week, and I'll have a few days before the next starts up. I'll try to work through and post some