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  1. The sandy corner....

    Cause if I'm on the beach, you are too... besides, I've got time to kill before my flight =P IMG_1333.MOV IMG_1411.MOV
  2. Picture Forum

    Jacques Pepin and his granddaughter Shorey.
  3. Picture Forum

  4. Picture Forum

    Probably the last harvest. 44 this morning...supposed to drop into the 20s for a few days....=P
  5. What are you reading at the moment?

    The Lord of Chaos.....Robert Jordan - Wheel of Time book 6....
  6. Why.......?????

    Why don't kids know what pay phones are????
  7. Oh,, and watching a total gangsta pigeon intimidate people at the train station =P
  8. Having a place like Northlands, where I can go online without my parents following.....so I can vent and have some peace
  9. What made you angry today?

    My dad's continued lack of common courtesy. towards me.
  10. (The) Because (Thread)

    Because I can't stop farting.....and I didn't have any gas when I was in a coworkers office where I'd have loved to fart......
  11. I'm not re-learning....I never knew in the first place.....on a side, note, I'm watching Yu-Gi-Oh on twitch...and this shadow monster has a monster for a schlong.....not sure how they slipped that past the censors on a kids show......just thought I'd share =P
  12. Barring that....anyone wanna make one and have fun??? =P
  13. Anyone know how to make a solid voodoo doll? Especially one you can use to impart knowledge??? I gots an English teacher that I desperately need to understand business, so she'll stop marking me down for writing a business writing paper the way you write in business =P.
  14. ...and if I crashed into uranus, then i'd stick it where the sun don't shine.......
  15. HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej

    I just watched some of the footage on youtube on the Thai PBS page, where they showed the procession from the hospital, and it still brings me to tears. I'm hoping I can get a good connection at work later this week, so i can stream the funeral.