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  1. finding out the new cute girl on teh team loves the same science topics I love and used to follow......I might now have someone i could go to lectures with
  2. She smiled that smile at me again.
  3. icewlf

    What made you sad?

    That I'm taking tomorrow off.....so won't get to see her on one of the 2 days a week she's in the office....=P
  4. icewlf

    What are you reading at the moment?

    I shouldn't be....cause school is in session, but I'm re-reading the wheel of time. Needed somthing to try to settle my mind and take it off some people at work that have be not thinking clearly. =P
  5. icewlf


    ...is now on record as saying Uranus stinks =P =P =P hehehehehehe
  6. icewlf

    Welcome..... back

    I refuse to be welcomed back.....I never left....I just got lost on the way to the bathroom =P
  7. icewlf

    The sandy corner....

    Cause if I'm on the beach, you are too... besides, I've got time to kill before my flight =P IMG_1333.MOV IMG_1411.MOV
  8. icewlf

    Picture Forum

    Jacques Pepin and his granddaughter Shorey.
  9. icewlf

    Picture Forum

  10. icewlf

    Picture Forum

    Probably the last harvest. 44 this morning...supposed to drop into the 20s for a few days....=P
  11. icewlf

    What are you reading at the moment?

    The Lord of Chaos.....Robert Jordan - Wheel of Time book 6....
  12. icewlf


    Why don't kids know what pay phones are????
  13. Oh,, and watching a total gangsta pigeon intimidate people at the train station =P
  14. Having a place like Northlands, where I can go online without my parents following.....so I can vent and have some peace
  15. icewlf

    What made you angry today?

    My dad's continued lack of common courtesy. towards me.