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  1. If you don't have the exact figures, you don't have them. Grant execs just don't like seeing a bunch of round numbers in a breakdown. I don't see anything obvious to change in this revision.
  2. Yeah, I didn't spend any significant period of time in rural areas until I was 23. People in Japan a couple years earlier would tell Hirakata was rural, but it barely felt on the suburban side of urban to me! I knew I hated urban life, but I didn't know how much I'd like rural communities. Decentralized economy was such a big part of rural communities in the early 20th century, and I'm convinced that all the efforts to strip that away since World War II are a big part of why wages have stagnated there. It would also help to assuage all the nativist anger out there right now. I just have to get some experience and then find a town to sponsor the research to prove it.
  3. TV Shows

    I'm still watching Star Trek Discovery, and while I'm glad a Trek TV series is on, it's still meh. Only character I'm into is the captain.
  4. Weather

    Fall is definitely sticking around now, only a month late. Makes me want to drink Oktoberfest beers but that would not be conducive to weight loss.
  5. Tangentially related: University Tells Students to Masturbate Instead of Committing Sexual Assault Poor Roo.
  6. Sex robots / dolls

    I need one for my fleshlight. I mean, uh...my all-weather, winter-rated flashlight.
  7. I've heard of the film. I think I've unconsciously avoided it because the red pill subreddit has such an awful reputation.
  8. Legalize Pot Use

    Yeah, unfortunately, smoking is the cheapest THC vector, especially in areas that allow folks to grow their own plants. Oils and edibles are typically much more concentrated. But yeah, I knew a guy in my undergrad classes that couldn't be within 20 feet of cigarette smoke. Poor guy had attacks damn near every time we went out. Maybe there's a clean air lobby out there you can join!
  9. Your literature review looks great. I don't know if you have specific parameters (i.e., you had to create a scenario out of of whole cloth), and my proposal writing experience is in the public sector, but best practices for proposal writing in my field say to be as specific as possible in your fact reporting, to avoid so-called "weasel words," and to watch for round numbers. I can't see Hiro's comments, so she might have gotten the first one, "higher than normal turnover percentages." The first question back from the executive is going to be "what exactly are the percentages?" This appears again in the second graph, "A large percentage of the employees who are assigned to first level management roles..." If nothing else, a percentage (especially one that's not a round number) makes it look like you've done your research on the personnel. Same goes for the schedule--seeing 200, 100, 40, 20 man hours, round numbers without specific breakouts, might raise an eyebrow.
  10. Legalize Pot Use

    To my knowledge, laws restricting tobacco smoke also apply to marijuana. So at least, there's that. I don't know if marijuana vaping is a thing, either. The bigger concern might be the pollen growing from farms, which are going to see explosive growth soon.
  11. ...turn on Status Updates

    Haha, I ask to ask @Kenai how to do this a while back, too.
  12. ASMR

    Maybe there's flesh-colored microphone covers?
  13. While I'm otherwise usually on board with the patriarchy narrative, I'm with you here, @hirondelle. Sexual assault comes down to power relations. While it might theoretically be easier to point the finger at rampant testosterone, I would have to imagine there isn't much difference between men and women when it comes to power plays. Another thing to think about is that, in a country that's painfully conservative and slow to progress, Americans have only really started to look at this problem in the workplace dynamic. Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas was just 25 years ago. That charge has also been led by feminists, and I don't know about you all, but I haven't seen any strong voices advocating for men who have been victims over the years.
  14. What made you happy today?

    Physical productivity.
  15. Football NFL Season

    And because da Bearss beat da Steelers, dis meanss dey are the best in the NFL my frent. Really though, for a team that needs draft picks and a new head coach, winning a game on the road against a tough defense isn't a good sign. 8-8 here we come. Ugh.