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  1. ...turn on Status Updates

    Haha, I ask to ask @Kenai how to do this a while back, too.
  2. ASMR

    Maybe there's flesh-colored microphone covers?
  3. While I'm otherwise usually on board with the patriarchy narrative, I'm with you here, @hirondelle. Sexual assault comes down to power relations. While it might theoretically be easier to point the finger at rampant testosterone, I would have to imagine there isn't much difference between men and women when it comes to power plays. Another thing to think about is that, in a country that's painfully conservative and slow to progress, Americans have only really started to look at this problem in the workplace dynamic. Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas was just 25 years ago. That charge has also been led by feminists, and I don't know about you all, but I haven't seen any strong voices advocating for men who have been victims over the years.
  4. What made you happy today?

    Physical productivity.
  5. Football NFL Season

    And because da Bearss beat da Steelers, dis meanss dey are the best in the NFL my frent. Really though, for a team that needs draft picks and a new head coach, winning a game on the road against a tough defense isn't a good sign. 8-8 here we come. Ugh.
  6. Sex robots / dolls

    The uncanny valley effect. Kind of a fascinating concept, really, but it's a big hurdle for the sex robot designers. I'm sure a robot not being at 98.6 degrees doesn't help, either.
  7. logging out issue is back

    Was at the time of that post, which was Sunday, 12:00pm UTC-5. Firefox or Chrome both. It was the domain home page, http://www.thenorthlands.net Didn't matter how I got there, whether if I put in the URL or followed a link (such as the "Browse" link at the top).
  8. logging out issue is back

    This was on desktop. Isn't doing it at the moment on any of the pages.
  9. logging out issue is back

    Yes, but only on the domain home page, it seems.
  10. Measurable weight loss again. Seems like it comes and goes in waves with me.

  11. Pimp your NL blog

    I wrote smut! Hah, I did, but no, this post is to share that I wrote a little bit more about Japanese, this time on some of the subtleties of the language.
  12. ASMR

    Gahh, that girl needs a microphone cover. There definitely can be a sexual component. ASMR stuff pops up pretty commonly over on GoneWildAudio. I've tried this as I have serious problems getting to sleep, but it didn't work. Neither did binaural beats. Out of the dozens of medications and other things I've tried, the only thing that has worked for me without unacceptable side effects is cannabis indica. Also, very recently, I've been taking a hypertension medication that is making it easier. It's not helping with my blood pressure, but my heart rate is lower. Might be relevant.
  13. Positive habit forming

    Indeed, not controlling too much. I suppose if one were to look at habit forming as a renewable internal resource, I've done pretty well this year and possibly depleted that reserve a bit by removing some negative habits. My binge eating is way down, and I'm pretty solidly hitting my calorie targets. Rolled into all that is actually making and eating meals three times a day--I used to just eat when I got hungry. There's a lot there. I've often thought maybe I don't "want it" enough with meditation. It's experimental for me and the benefits are by no means immediate. It's part of discipline, which, well, has always been lax. I also just don't need another tool like I did before. My depression is far more under control than it used to be. I kind of roll with the flow now, whereas it used to completely take over.
  14. Gaming

    Just noticed she hasn't posted in this thread, so I'm paging @Kenai
  15. Northlands Sleeping Pods

    Pretty sure I just woke everyone up by busting out laughing. *curls up in a pod* So much physical pain this morning, as is often the case in mornings. Kind of wish I could just turn off my nerves, even for an hour. Hence, sleep.