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  1. Football NFL Season

    Gotta say, the league is tough to watch this year between the catch rule problems showing up again and injuries to high profile players everywhere. Playoffs are starting to get a "last man standing" vibe to them. Still three years left on the deal after this, but the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement is already starting to loom large.
  2. What made you angry today?

    Gahh, somehow all of the ratings in my music library have vanished. Like a fart in the wind!
  3. Your best day ever was....

    That's a tough one. Either the day I spent sightseeing in Himeji, or one of the days I spent in a huge oceanside house that the ex and I had rented with three other couples.
  4. I've been to an embarrassingly small number of live concerts, but probably the best one was Jimmy Buffett.
  5. @Spyder , I'm with you on the LotR books. Seemed to me that Tolkien wasn't very good at writing action. Good at world building, though. Sounds like that might be the focus of the new series. Just not sure I'm all that interested in it, especially at the expense of something different. As an advocate for reasonable copyright terms though, it's bewildering to me to see the scope of the legal battles involving a work published over 60 years ago and long after the author's death.
  6. Gaming

    Just played through the main story in The Witcher 3. Best game I've played in a long time, maybe years. I'm dabbling into the Hearts of Stone DLC a bit now.
  7. Football NFL Season

    Pretty much got what I wanted this week at Soldier Field. No big injuries, a loss in the standings, some progression with Trubisky, and the coaching staff looking really bad. The actual NFL professional wideout they traded for dropping passes isn't good, though.
  8. Update

    Thank you for updating us with an update on the update.
  9. My Fairy Tale pt. 2

    Appreciate you having the courage to share this.
  10. So, am I the only one here...

    I preferred books until recently I tried reading a large paperback and found it surprisingly difficult with my neuro problems. I pretty much have to do screens now. I have a large phone but I've thought about getting a super lightweight e-reader. The bath idea sounds great, too. I wouldn't even consider getting my phone near the hot tub, but a cheaper device, sure.
  11. Pineapple on Pizza

    Now who would do that to an innocent pizza?
  12. Football NFL Season

    Yeah, I was in the same boat with the Bears being off (though I should be thankful their games aren't a death march any more like they were through week 4). KC at Dallas wasn't so good, and I think I watched the Monday night game on mute the whole time while I did other stuff.
  13. Progress Pictures

    Uh oh. You could probably beat me up.
  14. Football NFL Season

    He threw four picks at Twickenham last year, so definitely a better trip this time around. Is he doing well enough to take the starter job from a healthy Sam Bradford though? I have to figure either way the Vikings should take the division this year. Tonight's broadcast was brutal. I'm not at all a fan of McDonough and Gruden, so when the game's bad, it's bad.
  15. Football NFL Season

    That game across the pond was close for a while. This is why the NFL is as popular as it is--the league has enough parity that any game that could be a blowout can end up interesting. This Bears defense is for real. They have second and third-stringers out there but still forcing turnovers and not giving up a lot of points. Drew Brees had been sacked five times all season, and the Bears front got to him twice. Trubisky is very raw, so this may not even be a playoff team next year, but if they can pick up a wideout, this young roster could look great all of a sudden.