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  1. Football NFL Season

    Gotta say, the league is tough to watch this year between the catch rule problems showing up again and injuries to high profile players everywhere. Playoffs are starting to get a "last man standing" vibe to them. Still three years left on the deal after this, but the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement is already starting to loom large.
  2. What made you angry today?

    Gahh, somehow all of the ratings in my music library have vanished. Like a fart in the wind!
  3. Your best day ever was....

    That's a tough one. Either the day I spent sightseeing in Himeji, or one of the days I spent in a huge oceanside house that the ex and I had rented with three other couples.
  4. I've been to an embarrassingly small number of live concerts, but probably the best one was Jimmy Buffett.
  5. @Spyder , I'm with you on the LotR books. Seemed to me that Tolkien wasn't very good at writing action. Good at world building, though. Sounds like that might be the focus of the new series. Just not sure I'm all that interested in it, especially at the expense of something different. As an advocate for reasonable copyright terms though, it's bewildering to me to see the scope of the legal battles involving a work published over 60 years ago and long after the author's death.
  6. Gaming

    Just played through the main story in The Witcher 3. Best game I've played in a long time, maybe years. I'm dabbling into the Hearts of Stone DLC a bit now.
  7. Gaming

    I don't recall there being many gamers here, but maybe I'm misremembering. What are you playing? Video games, board games, naked Twister, whatever.
  8. Football NFL Season

    Pretty much got what I wanted this week at Soldier Field. No big injuries, a loss in the standings, some progression with Trubisky, and the coaching staff looking really bad. The actual NFL professional wideout they traded for dropping passes isn't good, though.
  9. Update

    Thank you for updating us with an update on the update.
  10. My Fairy Tale pt. 2

    Appreciate you having the courage to share this.
  11. So, am I the only one here...

    I preferred books until recently I tried reading a large paperback and found it surprisingly difficult with my neuro problems. I pretty much have to do screens now. I have a large phone but I've thought about getting a super lightweight e-reader. The bath idea sounds great, too. I wouldn't even consider getting my phone near the hot tub, but a cheaper device, sure.
  12. Pineapple on Pizza

    Now who would do that to an innocent pizza?
  13. Football NFL Season

    Yeah, I was in the same boat with the Bears being off (though I should be thankful their games aren't a death march any more like they were through week 4). KC at Dallas wasn't so good, and I think I watched the Monday night game on mute the whole time while I did other stuff.
  14. Progress Pictures

    Uh oh. You could probably beat me up.
  15. I'm slowly learning how to use "mark as read," and clicking on the icons to take me to new posts instead of clicking on the post titles themselves. I even looked up the Firefox shortcut to open a link in a new tab (shift+middle click, if anyone needs it). I'm feeling so old. It's like I'm trying to interact with some newfangled technology. I remember browsing message boards being so effortless before.
  16. Football NFL Season

    He threw four picks at Twickenham last year, so definitely a better trip this time around. Is he doing well enough to take the starter job from a healthy Sam Bradford though? I have to figure either way the Vikings should take the division this year. Tonight's broadcast was brutal. I'm not at all a fan of McDonough and Gruden, so when the game's bad, it's bad.
  17. Football NFL Season

    That game across the pond was close for a while. This is why the NFL is as popular as it is--the league has enough parity that any game that could be a blowout can end up interesting. This Bears defense is for real. They have second and third-stringers out there but still forcing turnovers and not giving up a lot of points. Drew Brees had been sacked five times all season, and the Bears front got to him twice. Trubisky is very raw, so this may not even be a playoff team next year, but if they can pick up a wideout, this young roster could look great all of a sudden.
  18. What are you reading at the moment?

    Just finished up Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, on to the third. Starting to see why this series was so popular. The characterization is outstanding.
  19. Football NFL Season

    Minnesota Vikings vs. Cleveland Browns. Probably going to be very one-sided, even with the Vikings' trouble at quarterback. The Browns are a complete disaster.
  20. Why I don't ask "why me?"

    I had an interesting experience with a med student this week while I was in for one of my frequent clinic visits. He was researching impacts of poor health on individuals and their coping mechanisms, and he asked me a question I had not even really thought about: "how do you handle having medical conditions that are not common for persons your age?" I realized in that moment how often I had heard (from the upward of one hundred doctors and other health care workers I've interacted with over the past few years) that it's very strange to see my kind of spinal disease and arthritis in someone "so young" (I'm 34). I had to think on the spot as it's not something I really had considered. Of all the things my depression causes me to wallow in, my physical health is rarely something I brood over. My answer appeared to surprise and delight this young man that was interviewing me, and that answer was "these things happen." Maybe it's because I had an injury at work I can point to. Maybe it's because sometimes there is no good answer for these things. I mean, really, it's not entirely unlike asking why kids get cancer. I have never had a point at which I've reflected on why I have such poor health. It's just there, and I can't control that right now. What I can control is how I respond to it. I get the requisite medical attention, and I've been working at losing weight. I haven't really faced the possibility that I may never work full time again. That I may not be fully independent again. Perhaps if that time comes, I will face it, and I might lose some of my optimism. But, for now, it's "these things happen." And I'll continue to fight it.
  21. Kids react to Madonna

    This one didn't make me feel as old as the NES one, but still bad. >_< Also, I forget how prudish I am when it comes to kids. I cringed hard when "Like A Prayer" came on, and was so glad the suggestive lyrics seemed to go over their heads.
  22. Failure

    It's amazing how frustrated I get and how much I shut down when I fail. I had a project I had been thinking about for a while, which involved flipping my living space, essentially. Move my computer to the other side of the room, and move a "portable" air conditioner with it. Flip an ancient, large dresser to the other side. It's an asymmetric space, and the whole point was to get the air conditioner to the other side of the room, much closer to the bed. I investigated the space and it had seemed fine--there's a concrete pillar in the way, but measuring everything out, I knew it'd be fine. So I moved everything around. As you might imagine, something that takes up a ton of physical reserve for me, but not something I can't handle--everything heavy is on wheels. As it turns out, it was indeed spacious enough, but somehow I completely missed a slope in the floor. It's sloping back and to the right, at enough of an angle that even stuffing something under my chair isn't enough. I feel like I'm going to lean out the window. I'm so angry. I've already cleared stuff out to move everything back, but it's been such a waste of time. I don't know how long it's going to be before I'm willing to risk my time and my body to do something like this again, and I hate that. HATE IT. I pass on so much because of past failure, and I'm not growing from that.
  23. NSFW - my doodles

    Well, this is neat. I don't think I ever knew you drew.
  24. Blade Runner?

    Okay, finally got around to it. I've never been one for film noir (nor Ridley Scott), probably explaining why I didn't get much into it. Or it might just be that some of the sci-fi in this era was just plain weird (i.e., the first Star Trek film or Dune). The older reviews seem to focus on the visual design though, which is definitely amazing. It's also interesting to look at old visions of the future--this one has the flying cars and off-world travel, but at the same time, there's few miniaturized electronics and newspapers feel anachronistic. This didn't have me raring to go out and see the new one in a theater, but I'll probably check it out next year.
  25. Blade Runner?

    So, I fell asleep watching the first Blade Runner a few years back. The sequel, Blade Runner 2049, is getting rave reviews. The sequel's director, Denis Villeneuve, previously helmed the excellent Arrival and is planning a new Dune adaptation next, which has me very excited. Blade Runner 2049 also has Hans Zimmer on the score, so I'm certainly interested. Should I give the original another shot?