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  1. The NL Avie Store

  2. Questions

    Why do you need a higher number?
  3. Why.......?????

    Why does the music always sound bad when your on hold FOREVER.
  4. Welcome..... back

    Gone for a bit a whole bunch of new/familiar faces. Hi again RD and Rio!! Nice to see you again. CJ!! I see you there too! Thank you Timber for the emotes!!! Haaa I have tons more if you still want more.
  5. The NL Avie Store

    Those are FREAKING awesome!! Thank you Moonie!!!!
  6. IF......

    We should met half way FM!!! Philly's about 4 hours from me. Straight down 81! Patrick and I go to Scranton a lot.
  7. The NL Avie Store

    OO Forest Mage.LOVE the last one posted. That is from Star Wars she's a sith. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Darth_Talon I have a friend who did her at a Con once..FANTASTIC>>I will find her photos and post it.
  8. The NL Avie Store


    I don't do it on purpose...I SWEAR!! it just HAPPENS...all the time..cough cough.
  10. The NL Avie Store

    WOW!! Those are wicked Forest Mage...love the steampunk ones!
  11. Age, if you want to share.

    Yes I am still older..lol. Eh gads, I just realized my birthday is little over a month away!!! That's it I refuse to age anymore.
  12. The BIG 500 OR THE big 50!

    Nope you don't count...ahahahaaha. OK OK Yeah the wolf too...not sure who else I just happen to see that on Moonhawks.