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    The NL Avie Store

    Welcome to the new NL Avie Store! Please feel to post and share avies for members on the board. If you want something special I know we have talented artists that will help you. Please remember to keep them in good taste as we have members of all ages. Enjoy! Just a few I found! s
  2. We all have a bedtime habit...well MINE just got worse...I am HERE on NL and well should be getting around for BED!!! But where am I? IN NL!!!! OO dear Lords...save me from this addiction!!!
  3. Ren

    Football NFL Season

    YES the Giants lost AGAIN!!! I would call my kids and ex to laugh but that would just so mean of me...yeah think I have to do it anyway.
  4. Ren

    What's for dinner tonight??

    Tonight it skip it...lol. To hot to cook, Patrick is being silly.. so guess I am not getting no dinner tonight..just Beer.
  5. Ren

    Uhm, Hello, 18+ forum...

    Yeah, I was getting booted out or something. HA I FOUND IT!!!!!
  6. Ren

    Uhm, Hello, 18+ forum...

    Show me wolf..show me!! Damn it man show me!!!!
  7. I just finished watch The 100, can't wait for the next season to start again on the 25th I think. Just left ya hanging!
  8. Ren

    Uhm, Hello, 18+ forum...

    Where is it Precious?? I can't find it!! Runs around in the dark looking for the 18+
  9. Runs through with nothing on at all. Come and join in the Nakkie Phuckin Running!!!! Wooooootttt..No clothes...now..No clothes Now...ooo yeah!!!
  10. I know many of us have furry friends. What do you have? I got a dufuss of a dog named Astro..He's just a little over 2 yrs old..lol. He is a Great Dane/pitbul mix and I just have to laugh at him everyday..He is just he silliest dog ever. I still have my lovely Queen Sheila feline of the house and she knows it along with my Bobo kittie. Little fat cat that she is. I lost several of my kitties over the last few years due to injuries and illness. Always so sad when Patrick has to bury one in the woods. I have a little kittie cemetery there are at least 5 buried behind the dog house and going into the nature preserve I live next to.
  11. Ren


    Why wouldn't she question you Dom???
  12. I am still going to be adopting my real life wolf...:):) Money has just been non-existent. No money for the holidays and things. SO with taxes I will get my own wolf. I will share everything when I find out. I am soo excited.
  13. Name your top 10 movies of all time...If your going to use a series like Star Wars..just use it once, 1) of course Star Wars 2) the Hobbit 3) Lord of the rings 4) Dune 5)Star Trek 6) Harry Potter 7)The book of Eli 8) Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy 9) Castaway or most other Tom Hanks. 10) I"ll leave this one open...lol. After #8 I really had to think.
  14. My first heart throb as a young teenager. I never ever missed seeing The Partridge Family. Rest In Peace.
  15. Ren

    Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

    I just started playing this over the weekend. :):) How do I find that code ??
  16. I recently saw that there are only a very small population of Red Wolf in NY. I am going to adopt one for myself...https://nywolf.org/support-us/support-us-adopt-a-wolf/adopt-m2075-n01-329-detail
  17. Ren

    Alphabetical Word Association

  18. Ren

    Word association

  19. Ren

    The Person Below Me.

    I do I do loves kitties...Person below me will be making lots of yummy food today.
  20. I was both angry and very sad on Monday. It was my birthday and the ONE person who forgot....Patrick....It just broke my heart. I had to tell him at 8pm and all I could do was cry the last couple days. Still hurts.
  21. Ren

    Happy Birthday Aliea

    OOO I missed this..Happy same day belated birthday!!!
  22. Ren

    Happy Birthday Ren

    Thank you love...It was a good day.