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  1. Rapture

    Otherworld - Threaded Edition

    Lucien nods to buck and gesture for him to follow, he leads the other man to a door opposite the bathroom and down the hall. He stops before a door and opens it with the key. Steeping aside to show a well kept and clean, if small room. The room had barely more room then was necessary for its single bed and a small closet. A door to the side led to a small bathroom with a standing shower. Lucien held out the keys. "Here you go. Like I said it's small but worth it."
  2. Rapture

    Otherworld - Threaded Edition

    Lucien nods and pulls a large book from under the bar. He flips to a page half filled with writing and sets it before buck. "Sign here, name and phone number" he tells Buck the price and walks over to a locked cabinet. Fishing a key out of his pocket he opens the cabinet and grabs another keeping it in hand as he locks the cabinet again.
  3. Rapture

    The Timeless Inn

    He smiles at the innkeep saluting her with hid glass as his teeth return to normal, well normal for a human at least.
  4. Rapture

    Otherworld - Threaded Edition

    Lucien grabs the pot pouring the freshly made coffee. "Yeah basic rooms on the first floor, deluxe on the second, executive on the third." He takes Bucks plate and moves to the automatic washer on the edge of the bar. Sticking the plate in and letting it run through. "What do you need and how long?"
  5. Rapture

    Otherworld - Threaded Edition

    Lucien collects her plate and sets a fresh beer before her. He wanders to where the other man had been sitting and collects the money left behind.
  6. Rapture

    The Timeless Inn

    'Bob's teeth shred meat and bone as easily as they do the vegetables, a contented sigh escaping the stellar skinned man. He reaches for a glass of wine and sips it almost regally. "Ah. Now that truly goes well with the food."
  7. Rapture

    Otherworld - Threaded Edition

    "Keep your shirt on. You don't rush good food." Lucien scowls at Buck before returning to his cooking. Pulling out buns and plating the food once it was cooked exactly as Buck had requested, Lucien leaves Sasha's to cook a bit longer. He sets the plate and a cradle with condiments before Buck. "Here you go, one burger, cooked rare. Enjoy." Lucien returns to the bar to finish cooking Sasha's and placing her burger and fresh cooked fries on the plate before her. "Here you go darlin, enjoy."
  8. Rapture

    Otherworld - Threaded Edition

    Lucien dumps the now cut potatoes into a basket and the basket into the fryer. He throws another pattie on the grill before shedding his gloves and setting an open bottle on the bar before the woman. "Here you are darlin."
  9. Rapture

    Otherworld - Threaded Edition

    Lucien pours the man his coffee. "Here you go." His head turns to the woman and he smiles. "Draft or bottle sweetheart?" He pulls a pair of plastic gloves on and turns around. Pulling a wad of ground beef out of a fridge he flattens it into a puck and slaps it on the grill. As the burger begins to cook he tosses his soiled gloves before grabbing another pair and a couple potatoes.
  10. Rapture

    Otherworld - Threaded Edition

    Lucien smiled charmingly. "O'course. You know I'm alwayd holding a torch for you darlin." He drawled out. His Zippo sparking to life to light her smoke before snapping "You want something to eat? Or just drinking today?" His hands move as he speaks preparing her drink and setting it before her.
  11. Rapture

    Otherworld - Threaded Edition

    Lucien stood behind the bar in the tavern, a glass in one hand a towel in the other wiping the glass clean. Toe-tapping in time as the sound system played some tunes: AC/DC's classic hit 'Back in Black'. Satisfied with the shine on the glass he set it to hang with the others. Hearing the door slam he reached behind himself to turn on the fryer and the grill. Folks got hungry when they drank. Wouldn't do for them to starve. He pushed up the sleeves covering his well muscled arms and smiled to the door way. What should have been supermodel good looks were marked by a trio of scars. His lips were bisected by a thin line, that one had been his own fault. Catching a knife between his teeth to impress some pretty thing, who had been repulsed when the knife clicked off his teeth and slashed his mouth. The second straight down over his right eye, that one was deep and had nearly cost him his sight, doctors managing to save his vision by swapping the damaged lense out. As a side effect his eye, which had been ice blue before the surgery was now a molten red, the opposing eye colours having the affect of catching people's attention. His last scar started above his left eye, stretching across his face to his right cheek, slashing just below the scar on his eye. Pulling a cigarette from a pack in his black button up shirts breast pocket, he lit and took a draw. "Welcome."
  12. Rapture

    Alphabetical Word Association

  13. Rapture

    Word association

  14. Rapture

    The Timeless Inn

    As 'Bob' reappeared in his chair, he noticed it had been moved and smirked at Alanna. "Thank you." As thorn set the food down before he grinned widely, his teeth suddenly pointed and serrated. "Looks delicious." He reached for the glass, still on the bar and much like the man himself it appeared in his hand. Prompting him to salute his host politely. Listening to Alanna mutter his smile fades his look turning sympathetic. "I wouldn't worry too much. Odds are whatever magic whisked us here will deposit you back where you were. When you were. And if it doesn't there are ways to make it so." He said before taking a sip of the amber liquid.
  15. Rapture