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  1. What are you reading at the moment?

    still reading this... damn I am slow
  2. What made you sad?

    yeah that makes me sad too... Dom is really too busy to be here right now, but it really does seem like the place needs his presence to survive
  3. Happy Birthday, hirondelle!

    I did @fox I had a marvellous everything, except I am 48 godammit
  4. Happy Birthday, hirondelle!

    Now worries @Spyder at my age birthdays are best downplayed if not outright ignored
  5. Happy Birthday, hirondelle!

    Aw thanks guys!!
  6. What are you reading at the moment?

    Just started Book 3 of the Mistborn Series - The Hero of Ages
  7. Happy Birthday, Timberwolf!

    Happy Birthday Lovely Wolf!
  8. What made you sad?

    Thanks Kim - even if it doesn't conquer all I will take it. Crazy stupid love.
  9. What made you sad?

    Today is my mum and dad's anniversary but I am probably the only one remembering them together and their love. Mum is old now and she is muddled and forgetful. She doesn't really remember things until she is reminded. Although dad has only been gone 8 years she doesn't really remember him super positively, she is angry he left her and old age seems to have taken her happy memories and left her with memories of the more difficult / less rewarding moments in her marriage (honestly dad could be difficult, but he had a lot of good in him too). I hope this doesn't happen to me. I wish it hadn't happened to mum. Love doesn't always conquer all.
  10. What made you sad?

    So sorry @Forest Mage *hugs tight*
  11. Why.......?????

    Why don't you guys understand that this isn't that question thread. This is the why thread.
  12. Moving on Up

    Congrats Dulcet - I hope the move goes smoothly and you enjoy your new home.
  13. ? I didn't see any notifications but I saw one of your friends post it on Facebook. I hope you have have a good day! Love you!
  14. Off to Prague for a week!! <3

  15. Your best day ever was....

    They day Dom arrived in Thailand will always be my favourite day. Meeting him at the airport, the taxi home, fucking, unpacking, talking fucking, dinner, shopping, coming home and fucking to music this time. (Lol, we bought a stereo on the first day he arrived because I had left my husband and had taken almost nothing with me - and just lived in possession-less limbo until Dom arrived). Also on holiday in Krabi, Dom and I drank coffee and talked and ate great food and were amazed at the beauty of the world and sat on the beach at night and listened to the sea. I think another wonderful day in my pre Dom life was the first time I went to a tropical island. I was living with 2 female friends in Singapore and we went to Pulau Babi Besar in Malaysia. It was insanely beautiful, we arrived via a small boat late at night and there was phosphorescent plankton in the sea that sparkled in the wake of the boat and in the waves that splashed around the sides. I got off the boat and stood on the beach in the moonlight and starlight, and the air was warm and the beach was surrounded by silhouettes of palm trees. I have experienced that many times since, and I always love it - but the first time blew my mind.