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  1. hirondelle


    Thanks @fox it is good to know I am not alone! It is wonderful, and fascinating and horrible at the same time. Therapy makes you more aware but it also makes life more difficult. I realise I have spent a lot of time trying to be very accommodating, and deep down I want to change that and be more assertive. But also you worry that the people who love you won't love you (as much / in the same way / at all) if you are less accommodating. Also it means you are less fluffy and even a bit of an asshole at times. It is hard to maintain healthy boundaries and not be a bit of a dick on occasion... especially if it is new to you. So I have this inner war, and also some fears.
  2. hirondelle

    Welcome Clarissa

    Welcome Clarissa!
  3. hirondelle

    Welcome Echoshae

    Just about 😂
  4. hirondelle

    Welcome Mistress Raina

    Oh wow! I knew that you were married but how did I miss the babies update 😍 so cuuuutttteeee
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    Welcome Echoshae

    Hey newbie - welcome home. How is life treating you? 😘
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    Welcome Mistress Raina

    Welcome home Mistress Raina - good to see you again, digitally speaking. 😍
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    What are you reading at the moment?

    Is it working?
  8. hirondelle

    What are you reading at the moment?

    Circe by Madeline Miller
  9. hirondelle


    Sam and Dean death infographic:
  10. hirondelle


    It is my favourite long running show tho I admit I lost track of it recently, because we don't have it on TV and we have to download it. I am not sure what season we got to but it felt like they had reached a point where they couldn't find ever eviller and badder enemies and so they were just alternating between Sam, Dean and Castiel being in danger / possessed or dead. Or maybe I just got confused. I still love it though and I am going to get caught up before the final season.
  11. hirondelle


    Supernatural has just announced that Season 15 will be the last. I think it deserves its own tribute thread.
  12. hirondelle


    After years of pretending to be ok and failing I have been persuaded (by people who care about me) to have therapy. I am going to see a CBT trained therapist weekly at the moment. It is interesting, I have only had two sessions and while I am getting better at recognising problems I haven't learned really how to fix them haha. So it kind of feels worse, but at least I have the sense that I am 'on it'. There is a relief at least in looking under the rug (that I have been sweeping shit under) and acknowledging what is there. Anyone else have experience with therapy? Good or bad? Or would like to try it?
  13. hirondelle

    Viper in Kao Yai November 2016