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  1. Missing - Part 1

    Arrrggghhh... you keep starting things and I get excited and then you start another thing!!! It's a good start. Another good start.
  2. My Fairy Tale

    tough story @Tika I am sorry you went through that
  3. They should masturbate, but not on cam to strangers... picky picky picky
  4. Thirsty....

    haha come on @icewlf there are beautiful Thai girls everywhere... we just can't seem to persuade you to take one home
  5. Doubts

    I think it doesn't even occur to him to be any other way. I hope he doesn't turn out to be a douche! I am loving this sooooo much!
  6. Please [NSFW]

    Also, MOAR!!
  7. Please [NSFW]

    Yay I knew he was a wolf!! Love this story.... soooooo sexy!
  8. Weather

    also drugs are good
  9. Lists

    @Timberwolf Goddess: I love you Wolf: I love you too Goddess: I want you Wolf: I want you too Goddess: I need you Wolf: I need you too
  10. Ok please be gentle with me. This is the only place I dare post this and it is definitely controversial but I have to express myself or I will go crazy. Before I say anything let me make the following clear: Harvey Weinstein is predator and his behaviour was despicable I feel terrible for any woman who suffered sexual abuse or harassment at the hands of a man. If it was you I am sorry that happened to you and wish we lived in a world where it was unheard of. However I am really struggling with the #metoo hashtag campaign. I can see why it is possibly needed but I wish it was different. Very briefly (there is a lot I can say but I will try to stay focussed) this is why: Some of the worst sexual harassment I have witnessed in my own organisation was a male upper manager harassing a male senior teacher. When the senior teacher complained about it the upper management closed ranks and the senior teacher lost his job through 'restructuring'. (For the record I was his second / witness through the whole process, the Senior Teacher was actually disciplined for being homophobic). I have also heard a case of a female upper manager propositioning a male junior staff member, as well as a male manager propositioning a female staff member. In both cases the junior staff member rebuffed the advances and the story ended. However in the case of the male manager he lost his job in a re-organisation exercise a year later which was ostensibly unrelated. Among the people I know I have known men and women who suffered sexual abuse at the hands of men, the most distressing case I know of personally happened a young boy and was committed by an older boy. In the Hollywood-type abuses cases although I do not blame the victims neither do I blame only the perpetrators. Powerful men have been allowed to evolve in a culture that was co-created by men and women. Blind eyes were turned by just as many Meryl Streeps as Ben Afflecks (despite the butter wouldn't melt in her mouth attitude now). I do not accept the narrative of the patriarchy. When I was a kid I pulled the legs of insects and burned ants with my magnifying glass like a boy. I am capable of taking advantage to someone weaker than me, I bullied people at school (I was also bullied), as a teenager I pursued (unsuccessfully) older married men with far more passion than boys my own age, if I had been a rock star I would have fucked groupies, if I had been a female Harvey I may have asked Ryan Gosling to watch me shower. This trait is not gender based, it is just a streak you have and you learn to control (or not). In summary, cruelty is natural but we do not have to accept it. However we can only fight it is we take joint responsibility of the culture that enabled it. Abuse and harassment happens to men and women, and if the perpetrators are mostly men it is because they have the power - give more power to women and we will abuse it too. The current #metoo campaign is trying to make men monsters and the world is just not that black and white.
  11. 3 am ramblings

    My mum did that to a large extent, but what she couldn't see and what everyone around her could see is that is was a kind of unwanted martyrdom. Yes, my dad took advantage of it as men of that generation were inclined to do, negligently rather than maliciously... but I think he would have preferred the slightly more selfish version of her. Their marriage would have been more fulfilling for both of them if she hadn't made it so easy for him to take her for granted. I know every story is different but I guess you have to balance what you want to do for your children and how you want to empower them. You have to model independence as well as be there for them. I know you know this. Glad to hear you found a way to find yourself again @Squarepeg also enjoy the photographs that come from your solitary walks and coffees.
  12. You've Heard of Blue Balls...

    Ouchie...poor MC, hopefully the missus will nuzzle them better for you 😉
  13. You've Heard of Blue Balls...

    Oh no, like... bruised?
  14. Reviewed quickly, comments added. Good assignment. Henson-Writing Assignment 1 - TD.docx