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  1. hirondelle


    on the default theme? nice innit? ❤️
  2. hirondelle

    What are you reading at the moment?

    After a conversation earlier I am reading 'Domination and Submission: The BDSM relationship handbook' which is very similar to the journey you are on maybe
  3. hirondelle

    Netflix - What are you watching right now?

    Foxy! *pins and nuzzles*
  4. hirondelle

    Update 4.3.1

    I'm actually liking FP to be honest.
  5. hirondelle


    How have you been doing Sabrana? I hope life is being kind?
  6. hirondelle

    Northlands Sleeping Pods

    Lays a hand lightly on the outside of Aleia's pod and sends loving vibes.
  7. hirondelle

    She made me happy today

    She is gorgeous @Mirbiggs
  8. hirondelle

    Welcome..... back

    *pounces, huggles and nibbles* Hello Sabrana, long time no lick!
  9. hirondelle


    I see how it is, you are that guy who stands drinking at the bar all night and then asks a girl to dance the last dance in the hope he can take her home without having to invest any time and money in conversing and buying her drinks. That guy.
  10. hirondelle


    I don't have any useful advice hun. But know I'm here if you want to chat. Here Facebook messenger, line WhatsApp.
  11. hirondelle

    What made you happy today?

    can't forget you @Tika
  12. hirondelle

    Uhm, Hello, 18+ forum...

    Just saw this... but I think you solved the problem?
  13. hirondelle


    So sorry you are feeling this way Tika. I understand the off switch thought... I have been there too - but now I am glad it doesn't because maybe I would have used it, and I wouldn't be here now to appreciate coming through? But as I think you understand coming through takes work and until you find the thing that makes a difference, trying all the things one inevitably tries seems to pointless and futile. Don't isolate yourself though hun. As tempting as it is - that way is full dark. Find new people maybe?
  14. hirondelle

    A hermit in the city

    I am sorry you are in this situation Soulie. I hope your body heals and you find the motivation or inspiration to push through this aversion. You will always have us here... At least we aren't the annoying people (I hope)
  15. hirondelle

    I moved!

    With your back? You must be feeling better!