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  1. I'm listening to my aircon... I just wanted to start this thread for a friend
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    What are you reading at the moment?

    I'm reading 'The Way of the Shaman' by Michael Harner
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    Update 4.3.1

    I'm actually liking FP to be honest.
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    How kind do you need to be?

    I just shared a Facebook post saying sthg like "I need to stop hating on complete strangers" lol. Or sthg like that - I didn't use hate, but it is that kind of feeling. Deeply uncharitable thoughts let's say. Mostly this happened when I am commuting to work public transport is never designed to bring out the best in people... and it really irks me when people rush past me, collide into me, push me out of the way, or block my path because their head is in their phone. I have some extremely negative thoughts, but most of the time I try and be positive because I am aware of how much difference you can make in the world simply by not being an asshole. But jeez sometimes people push my limits. I was wondering if you all go through life like this? Like I have some guiding principle to be nice (I feel it is a bit Christian based, but you can find it in any spiritual teaching... basically even if someone is a shit to you, don't make it worse by being a shit back. Smile and stop the negative karma in its tracks). But this is at war with my very human instinct to hate them back harder. Just an aside I watched this impulse at work in hockey games I watched last night... there was very little other cheek being turned, but it did happen sometimes. How hard do you try and be nice? Does it make a difference?
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    NSFW - my doodles

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    How have you been doing Sabrana? I hope life is being kind?
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    Northlands Sleeping Pods

    I am making this thread for @Aliea but other people might appreciate it to. It kind of reads like an RP - but it definitely belongs in the MH area, because it is a place to 'relax and be' without interaction. You can use the pods to sleep, rest, read etc but there is to be no talking in this thread so you can't disturb the sleepers. However if someone comes in here feeling pain, and expressing emotions you may very discretely offer support. Please don't talk to them - you will have to be creative which is why it is like an RP. Things you can do are sit near the pod, lean against it, touch the pod lightly to show support, Do not feel you need to respond though... people come here with the desire to be quiet and relax. You can just read their post and hit the like / love button. Sleepers, try and visualise an environment like the one in the picture. There are variations,,, maybe you want gently moving stars, or complete darkness, maybe you would like soft music, the sound of the sea or a waterfall, maybe a gentle rain. Or maybe you prefer silence. Maybe you would like your pod to rock as if it is a cradle or floating on an ocean with a soft breeze... or maybe you want stillness. It is all dependent on your mood. I am sure you will come up with other things to soothe your spirit. What is important regardless of the variations you choose is that while you are in the pod you feel wrapped in Northlands love. Feel free to post your feelings while you are in the pod and don't be afraid to make consecutive posts, but please be okay with low key or zero responses. We love you very much and this is a place to be still and self soothe. Final note. No jerking off in my pods okay? ;-)
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    Northlands Sleeping Pods

    Lays a hand lightly on the outside of Aleia's pod and sends loving vibes.
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    She made me happy today

    She is gorgeous @Mirbiggs
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    Welcome..... back

    *pounces, huggles and nibbles* Hello Sabrana, long time no lick!
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    Good morning thread

    *come in hair awry, blurry eyed* Good morning everyone. *makes a vast pot of coffee and pours a giant mug* *pops down in a chair and takes a cautious sip of the still too hot beverage * *grins* My word you guys have been busy.
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    I see how it is, you are that guy who stands drinking at the bar all night and then asks a girl to dance the last dance in the hope he can take her home without having to invest any time and money in conversing and buying her drinks. That guy.
  13. Ok please be gentle with me. This is the only place I dare post this and it is definitely controversial but I have to express myself or I will go crazy. Before I say anything let me make the following clear: Harvey Weinstein is predator and his behaviour was despicable I feel terrible for any woman who suffered sexual abuse or harassment at the hands of a man. If it was you I am sorry that happened to you and wish we lived in a world where it was unheard of. However I am really struggling with the #metoo hashtag campaign. I can see why it is possibly needed but I wish it was different. Very briefly (there is a lot I can say but I will try to stay focussed) this is why: Some of the worst sexual harassment I have witnessed in my own organisation was a male upper manager harassing a male senior teacher. When the senior teacher complained about it the upper management closed ranks and the senior teacher lost his job through 'restructuring'. (For the record I was his second / witness through the whole process, the Senior Teacher was actually disciplined for being homophobic). I have also heard a case of a female upper manager propositioning a male junior staff member, as well as a male manager propositioning a female staff member. In both cases the junior staff member rebuffed the advances and the story ended. However in the case of the male manager he lost his job in a re-organisation exercise a year later which was ostensibly unrelated. Among the people I know I have known men and women who suffered sexual abuse at the hands of men, the most distressing case I know of personally happened a young boy and was committed by an older boy. In the Hollywood-type abuses cases although I do not blame the victims neither do I blame only the perpetrators. Powerful men have been allowed to evolve in a culture that was co-created by men and women. Blind eyes were turned by just as many Meryl Streeps as Ben Afflecks (despite the butter wouldn't melt in her mouth attitude now). I do not accept the narrative of the patriarchy. When I was a kid I pulled the legs of insects and burned ants with my magnifying glass like a boy. I am capable of taking advantage to someone weaker than me, I bullied people at school (I was also bullied), as a teenager I pursued (unsuccessfully) older married men with far more passion than boys my own age, if I had been a rock star I would have fucked groupies, if I had been a female Harvey I may have asked Ryan Gosling to watch me shower. This trait is not gender based, it is just a streak you have and you learn to control (or not). In summary, cruelty is natural but we do not have to accept it. However we can only fight it is we take joint responsibility of the culture that enabled it. Abuse and harassment happens to men and women, and if the perpetrators are mostly men it is because they have the power - give more power to women and we will abuse it too. The current #metoo campaign is trying to make men monsters and the world is just not that black and white.
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    The person above me

    Doesn't exist.
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    I don't have any useful advice hun. But know I'm here if you want to chat. Here Facebook messenger, line WhatsApp.
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    What made you happy today?

    can't forget you @Tika
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    Uhm, Hello, 18+ forum...

    Just saw this... but I think you solved the problem?
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    So sorry you are feeling this way Tika. I understand the off switch thought... I have been there too - but now I am glad it doesn't because maybe I would have used it, and I wouldn't be here now to appreciate coming through? But as I think you understand coming through takes work and until you find the thing that makes a difference, trying all the things one inevitably tries seems to pointless and futile. Don't isolate yourself though hun. As tempting as it is - that way is full dark. Find new people maybe?
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    A hermit in the city

    I am sorry you are in this situation Soulie. I hope your body heals and you find the motivation or inspiration to push through this aversion. You will always have us here... At least we aren't the annoying people (I hope)
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    I moved!

    With your back? You must be feeling better!
  21. I get kicked off too but it is fake kicked out... As soon as I go into a forum I'm fine
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    Good morning thread

    Good morning @Uther *gives him a cookie to go with his stolen coffee*
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    I am currently playing Seekers Notes on my iPad (hidden object game a lot like Hidden Cities) and Toon Blast on my phone.
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    Uhm, Hello, 18+ forum...

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    I moved!

    Awesome!! your voice is so cute by the way... and Jarek is cute too haha. Lovely house - when did you move? Are you settled in?