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  1. I'm listening to my aircon... I just wanted to start this thread for a friend
  2. Why.......?????

    Why don't you guys understand that this isn't that question thread. This is the why thread.
  3. Three word story (continuous)

    once upon a...
  4. Word association

  5. What are you reading at the moment?

    I'm reading 'The Way of the Shaman' by Michael Harner
  6. Happy Birthday Ren

    Happy Birthday my Friend! Hope you have a wonderful day!
  7. Happy Birthday Aliea

    Happy Birthday honey. I hope you have a lovely day!!
  8. ? I didn't see any notifications but I saw one of your friends post it on Facebook. I hope you have have a good day! Love you!
  9. Moving on Up

    Congrats Dulcet - I hope the move goes smoothly and you enjoy your new home.
  10. Off to Prague for a week!! <3

  11. Your best day ever was....

    They day Dom arrived in Thailand will always be my favourite day. Meeting him at the airport, the taxi home, fucking, unpacking, talking fucking, dinner, shopping, coming home and fucking to music this time. (Lol, we bought a stereo on the first day he arrived because I had left my husband and had taken almost nothing with me - and just lived in possession-less limbo until Dom arrived). Also on holiday in Krabi, Dom and I drank coffee and talked and ate great food and were amazed at the beauty of the world and sat on the beach at night and listened to the sea. I think another wonderful day in my pre Dom life was the first time I went to a tropical island. I was living with 2 female friends in Singapore and we went to Pulau Babi Besar in Malaysia. It was insanely beautiful, we arrived via a small boat late at night and there was phosphorescent plankton in the sea that sparkled in the wake of the boat and in the waves that splashed around the sides. I got off the boat and stood on the beach in the moonlight and starlight, and the air was warm and the beach was surrounded by silhouettes of palm trees. I have experienced that many times since, and I always love it - but the first time blew my mind.
  12. The every day

    I can't think of anything... maybe there were incidents but my brain didn't retain them. And I think since I hit my mid twenties I gave of an aura that prevented men fucking with me. Also I am not super attractive in that way, guys get attracted to me when they have known me for a while and by that time they respect me too much to be weird. I don't attract strangers.
  13. What made you angry today?

    I'm sorry honey, that sucks. Men can be careless sometimes, they don't mean to be hurtful. *hugs* I bet he felt rubbish.
  14. Darkness

    Me too
  15. Hold on. Wait. What...?

    because @fox once he starts it is hard to shut him up [/sarcasm]
  16. What would you rather.....

    I have found toothache responds excellently to strong drugs. So toothache for me too - plus drugs. Please.
  17. Hold on. Wait. What...?

    @SpyderI love it. I love you. Thank you for the pics. I can almost forgive you for not showing me despite being in regular (as in at least once a year ha) contact on Whatsapp.
  18. Hold on. Wait. What...?

    That Spyder was lost in his mind, yes... yes I did. That he had a tattoo of the phrase... I don't think I so @fox. I remember talk - Texas longhorn on the arm / Texas flag on the heart. But I have no recollection of actual ink. We obviously need photos. Obviously. Big Obvious.
  19. So, am I the only one here...

    I love books, but I don't have the luxury of space for them and hate having to sell them / give them away. So ebooks are a godsend for me. Also much easier to carry around, read on my commute etc. Additionally in most cases the kindle version is cheaper and I don't have to pay shipping. And finally purchase / delivery is instant so you can go from - hmm I fancy reading X to actually reading X in seconds rather than having to schedule a trip to Waterstones.
  20. If that happens I will be extremely angry. Extremely. Mat is my hero and Cillian is a pouty wanker (sorry I cannot abide him... although @Timberwolf will be happy to point out all the things he has been in that I have enjoyed watching, the fact remains I strongly dislike his face). I love WOT, like Cy I need to finish it, which means I need to start over at the beginning, and like Cy I am scared to see it made into a film or TV show because it is magnificent in my head. I feel like the LOTR movies are still too recent (but that is because I am old and it was only yesterday that Dubya was president - and what a glorious time that was eh in retrospect - I thought he was a twot at the time, but suddenly he looks like a paragon of diplomacy and statesmanship) which means that Viggo will feel like the "real" Aragorn and Olando the "real" Legolas etc. But yeah, although I would love to see it done well - I think it is so unlikely to happen that I prefer them to leave it alone.
  21. Happy Birthday Kenai

    Hey lovely - hope you have a fabulous day!
  22. Pineapple on Pizza

    Here is a new product from KFC Thailand... Would love to know if it's global.... Chizza! Hawaiian pizza on fried chicken. Yes the yellow is pieces of pineapple!
  23. The person above me

    Doesn't exist.
  24. Welcome Uther

    Pendragon, I presume? *bows* Have you been here before? Or are you new to these parts.... I am old and my memory isn't what it was.
  25. Welcome Uther

    haha maybe it is an English thing - doing naughty things behind the bike sheds