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  1. A very belated winter holiday wishes and new year blessings to all. Life and work hit hard and left me hanging by a hair to my sanity and a hard decision to walk away from a bad situation even if it hurt like to leave family with only a shred of hope to climb out of a hole they dug themselves in to. Not a end to my year that I would wish on anyone. But, still trying to keep moving forward one inch at a time. Hello my dearest and treasured Northlands!

  2. HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej

    May the King continue to watch over his people through his heirs or heiresses, or even successors. May his legacy continue to live on in his people as to hear such words of esteem from people who live in different countries is a sign of true worldly acknowledgment and monarchy prowess.
  3. Good morning thread

    Good Morning. It’s wedding week time and the end being manager while my boss was on vacation. Busy busy. Much love to everyone.
  4. Age, if you want to share.

    @Songmistress @SoulDragon @Kitty @Cyrain @hirondelle @Timberwolf https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5787c3cfe4b08608d33377e6/amp Woman, Darken your eyes for mystery. Rouge your lips for seduction. Pinch your cheeks for vitality. And make even your complexion to mask your maladies. The art of make up makes you beauty incarnate throughout the ages fair. But if instead you should to go bare know that we will always care. Our hearts you have stolen our Sultana Seductress the Fair.
  5. (The) Because (Thread)

    Because time management can suck it.
  6. Writing Questions

    Pro tip: Beware of Kethisms
  7. Food woes.

    Awesome, well since I am would you two lovelies like to post your favorite recipes? I would love to try them, pretty please?
  8. Gaming

    If team NL made that kind of game it would have to be cross platform. And with coding available to auto size and depict the game for each system used.
  9. Otherworld - Threaded Edition

    Yui lifts her body into a sitting position stretches out various parts that became tense as she lazed. She takes in a deep breath and smells the bar’s grill being used. Yui shrugs off the image of freshly grilled food and swings down from the branch. She dusts herself off tied up her hair into a man bun and sets off for the old town gas station. Yui hopes the old man is there working as he likes to give Tristen old jobs that a young’n like himself should be able to do and still keep out of trouble. The old man thinks Tristen is a lady killer when he sees ‘him’ talking politely to any female guest and shying away from most rougher looking guys. That was the only thing about being a rail car kid. Word could spread in the oddest ways and you’ll get drop ins who think they own the place. Yui Tristen shakes the memory out of her head as she is gives the old man a wave and punk nod. Sup, ole’Greg. You be needin’ ‘elp or someth’n? Tristen walks up to the old timer with his hands in his pockets and his expression amused. The old man glares at him and sends him packing with a load for a trucker’s semester then hustles him about the joint making Tristen lift this or pull that. The night is going to go well is what both of them think as they help the other stay out of trouble but chin deep in mischief.
  10. chapter length

    I am use to breaks appearing between both scene changes and character pov’s for example The Count of Monte Cristo. Though you know the focus is in the count. There are breaks in the story that happen according to a character change or when a scene explains his past in more detail before coming back to the present. Then there are the Sherlock Holmes stories where each case is a separate chapter unless one case leads right into the next. It very rarely shifts from Holmes or to other sub characters.
  11. :hug: I hope the day goes well and your night goes by even better.

    1. Phoenix


      Yesterday wasn't bad. Thanks. ^_^

  12. Gaming

    That is the truth Phoenix. I understand the desire to be so immersed but we grew up on stories, thirsting to know about the people in them, their thoughts and reactions outside of what was displayed. Well it’s time for team NL to make that game
  13. Love Stories

    @Songmistress your words and time are precious to us. Thank you for sharing so much with us this far even those which were shared before NL. We will wait, patiently, with love, with care, we will wait because @Squarepeg is waiting with you to tell this real life love story. Unlike fairytales our love stories take time to know, enjoy, worry over and hold our breaths for the next part. We'll be here for that moment when the story is up to date if you so wish to share that much with us. Because my favorite part to your story is that it hasn't ended. Thanks both of you. You're a wonderful fairy tale of your own together.