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  1. worried about treatment

    It's very good to hear they are living well, gives me hope . Well, if i don't agree with the company doctor i can make a legal appeal and government will check who they agree with, if they agree with me my company has to keep paying me, if they agree with the company i'm screwed. If after 2 years i'm still not able to work i'll get government support and my employer can "let me go". And then i have to listen to a government doctor instead of the company doctor until they decide that i won't ever be able to work at all or just 50% or something...if it ever gets that far though. I really hope i can do what your friends have done! I'm so sick and tired (hah literally) of having to struggle true life, i want to be able to life a good and beautiful life! Work full time and earn allot of money to go traveling to places all over the world . (really, if i would be able to work full-time i would be rich in my opinion )
  2. Pets - Gotta have them, Gotta love them

    haha, any animals are welcome i think I know what you mean, luckily they don't come into my home, i'm not sure who of my pets would chase them out first, but my front yard seems to be cat heaven or something. I always have cats to watch when sitting on the couch in front of the window
  3. Weather

    It's officially fall here, but we just had a (probably last of this year) surprise-it's-still-summer-week with a whopping 20C/68F degrees in october . But now we're dropping fast and the rain started again, it's about time...although i rather have the warm weather.
  4. Fortune Cookie....

    I love fortune cookies!...we don't have them here, they're even rare in Chinese restaurants
  5. Its Baaaaaccckkk!!!

    Hahaha PYRO!!! YAY ~huggles tightly~ Welcome back , pretty fireworks
  6. Old Face, New Name

    SF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~huggles tight~ good to see you again Beautiful name Danuki, i like the sound of it
  7. Some of you might have figured something is going on in my health department, and yes, it's kinda complicated so here's the short version (hopefully). I've already been struggling with energy deficiency for many years, somewhere around 10 - 15 years ago it started, and over the years it got worse and worse. Generally they call it fatigue, but i don't agree, it's not simple fatigue, it's much more than that. The everyday things in life cost me much more energy than it would other people, as an example: if i go to the bar an evening with a friend i usually go from 8 pm to 12 pm and am in bed by 1 am, i don't drink alcohol anymore these days because of meds ~grumbels~, it will cost me 2-3 days to recover from it, longer if i couldn't resist drinking 1 beer. If i don't get the chance to recover or ignore the fatigue and am my stubborn self my body will retaliate and knock me down completely with a few days making me feel like i have the flue. So that's the problem in short. I've been to my general practitioner (is that correct for the regular doctor?) a few times over the years, but i didn't get any further than a bloodtest and her telling me i was perfectly healthy. In the end i gave up because i didn't have the energy left to deal with that and i focused on fighting to get true every day and get everything done that i should/wanted. You can guess that in the end that ended in a huge depression (which my friends on facebook can't have missed...). I finally changed my regular doctor and one thing let to another and i finally got to that one to send me to a specialist in the hospital who at the first meeting told me "No matter what we'll have to do, no matter how long in'll take, we'll figure out what it is", it was the best thing i had heard in a loooong time. But meanwhile things happened and i wasn't able to fight the fatigue anymore suddenly and i ended up long term sick at home and wasn't able to work even my part-time hours anymore, this all happened about 3 months ago. ....so far for short... I'm not sure if you are familiar with this or understand what i'm talking about, but here's the thing; Here every employee has "health benefits" that means that when you get sick your employer will keep paying you (most of) your pay. But that of course means you also have obligations as a sick person to your employer. We have company doctors who's job it is to get you back to work as soon as possible, and there's nothing wrong with that you would say, problem is those company doctors get paid by the company and are on their side of course, and they are less/different educated than the general practitioner. But they do have a big say in what you should do to get back to work and if you don't cooperate the employer is allowed to stop paying you. Now i'm at the stage where the specialist is still figuring out what disease i have, i get tested and than have to wait for result to do the next examination, although there is one big contestant which is chronic fatigue syndrome/ME, but they can only say you have than when all other possibilities are ruled out. Now my company doctor is already convinced i have cfs and already had some therapies in mind she could "send me to" when they finally say i indeed have it, at first i didn't think much of it, it sounded pretty good what she told about it. But I assume that when they indeed say i have that the specialist will probably refer me to a doctor who is specialized in that disease. Now my problem is; i get to be treated by 2 completely separate doctors??? If one says i have to get therapy here and the other wants me to go there i have to do 2 therapy's? What if one says to try out this medicine that might help lessen the symptoms and the other says i need to try out those other medicine??? I tried looking it up on who has highest say in this situation, but every article says different things, and mainly it's not favorable to me and they say i have to listen to the company doctor who hardly knows anything about the disease and how to treat it... Now probably if it's a good doctor she would just follow the specialist....but those company doctors have some extraordinary ideas sometimes...so this makes me very worried about my treatment.. (and if there is one thing fatal for my health it is worrying about things) For now i can only wait and see, and hope for the best i guess... Sorry it has gotten such long story after all .
  8. Happy Birthday Rioblane

    Happy Birthday!!!
  9. .... he's getting married!!! It is about time (he's 41), and i did wish he would find a nice girl that would make him happy and would take care of him... So i'm happy my wish has been heard, but why does it hurt so much? It's not official yet, but he did give a huge warning by saying "I hope to get married soon....soon i have some good news." Why are my guys all slowly getting married (last summer also the first of the 6 boy-band members)? They are my lifeline that it isn't hopeless when you're single at my age... (Seriously though, Korean life standards are starting to brainwash me...i used to not care about marriage and a woman having to take care of her man...weird)
  10. Fanfics

    So, i've writen a few fanfics and i think some people where interested here. They're all about my favourite korean boyband Shinhwa, so the caracters probably won't mean much to you...but that doesn't really matter much i think. Warning: they are all horribly fluffy and romantic, but except for one no almost 18+ or boyxboy. Descriptions are there when you click the link, if you're interested. "The weird fan" is my first and longest fanfic i wrote: https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1055152/the-weird-fan-romance-shinhwa-you-junjin-foreigner-shinhwaandyou-shinhwachangjo These are a few short story's/one shots "P.s. I love you": https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1110330/p-s-i-love-you-ericmun-shinhwa-you-foreigner-shinhwaandyou-shinhwachangjo Got the best comment ever : "I love this so much, could be a small screen act of romantic actor Mun" "Dragon": https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1077386/dragon-shinhwa-you-junjin My bias has a dragon tattoo (found out after i started to like him btw) and i actually have a necklace that's almost the same "Soulmate": https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1164985/soulmate-romance-shinhwa-hyesung-shinhyesung-shinhwachangjo-shinhwaandshcj ...probably the worst one i guess... And then there is this one...kinda embarrassing, but after seeing there are people who might like it i decided to share anyway. This one is almost 18+ and boy x boy, i wrote it because many fans like this kind of story, and i wanted to try once but it's indeed not my cup-of-tea to write ;). It is also a multi chaptered story: https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1064249/the-bodyguard-from-america-ericmun-shinhwa-junjin-ricjin So... yeah... if you want to read feel free, and let me know what you think of it. I have been working on another one evolving around the tv show "Runningman", but unfortunately it;'s been a year since i got the first part finished, and then things happened with me, and the tv show and then i didn't have any inspiration anymore/writers block...and now i wish i could continue again, but just...guess still writers block or something. I do think it was/would be a good story...
  11. Fanfiction?

    Someone mention fanfics???? Lately haven't read much, but i did read allot a while back, i also wrote a few (still planning to share the link in the writers forum). Although you won't know my subjects probably, i read all kind of fanfics about my boyband Shinhwa. I must say, allot of people think that fanfics equal 18+ but there are also many wonderful other kinds of story's, not only romance but i also read some awesome fantasy story's. But like @hirondellekinda mentioned, 6 guys do call for allot of 18+ stuff...without other characters joining in
  12. Been gone for a couple of days...almost a week i see now...but i'm back now. And immediately the forum messes up my plans...i needed to go grocery shopping...well, tomorrow is another day ;)

  13. Age, if you want to share.

    Hihi, almost felt like doing the same No, i've been using make up now since one year or something. In comparison to some of my colleague's only a little bit, but compared to other people around me i'm kinda the only one using make-up. I kinda like it, somehow indeed makes me feel more confident, and i would want to look nice for my future boyfriend, may i happen to bump into him on the street ;). It's kinda like if you're wearing your baggy clothes or not when going outside now. Although originally i didn't feel like this either all true my teens and twenty's....imagine having to figure out how to use make-up when your over 30 , luckily i had a very understanding and experienced colleague who i could ask a bit hihihi
  14. Member Map

    Oohh i love this hihi!
  15. Thanks for sharing @fantasymom, i like it