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  1. Spyder

    Football Pickems

    Go ahead. More the merrier.
  2. Spyder

    Football Pickems

    The game is open and the group is set up! Here's the link for Pigskin Pick'Em where you can create your entry. Our group name is The Northland Woods and the password to join is DTK. @hirondelle @Timberwolf
  3. Spyder

    The Last Movie You Saw: At Home or Theater

    M:I - Fallout (x2) Sorry To Bother You Kingsman: The Golden Circle She's Out Of My League Kong: Skull Island
  4. The Cranberries - Zombie
  5. Spyder

    Netflix - What are you watching right now?

    Speaking of the Marvel shows, I'm a couple episodes into Luke Cage season 2.
  6. Spyder


    So, this song doesn't adhere strictly to the idea of being a song by a band I had heard before that either blew me away or changed my opinion on them, mostly because I couldn't think of any songs that fell into that category. That requires its own conversation on first impressions of music and whether or not those can be overcome, but I digress. The song is Face Down, by White Lung. I came upon this band completely by accident, skimming through an article about music to check out on the old sports and pop culture website Grantland. The video was in the article, among others. If the description caught my attention I'd see if the sound appealed to me, something I can usually determine pretty quickly (again, requiring a conversation about first impressions). So the description of the band is, to paraphrase, feminist punk, and that catches my attention enough to get a listen. Within thirty seconds I am hooked, within an hour I have listened to that entire album and I am now an avid fan of the band. The guitar is amazing, the lyrics and vocals fierce and the drums pound like crazy. And I might never have heard any of it if I hadn't happened onto a random video posted in an article I was skimming through.
  7. Spyder

    Hey Spy.

    I, too, have dreamed of an alternate universe where you could drink lots and not vomit. Pretty sure I had a dream about couple days ago, actually.
  8. Spyder

    Hey Spy.

    Dandy. You? Kinda scorchy outside. Was 43 of your degrees day before last. Thought the trees were going to go impromptu flambé. My words have also gone all harebrained if these sentences aren't gibberish. I think I've forgotten how to forum. Maybe my brain melted? (It may actually have melted considering I wrote this, like, two hours ago and then forgot to post it and was surprised to find the window still open 🙄)
  9. Spyder


    This is interesting. I will be back soon with an answer or three, but there's thinking to do on the topic first.
  10. Spyder

    Football Pickems

    Oh, definitely. I don't think ESPN has their Pick 'Em game up yet but once they do I'll get everything setup and post a link in here so that anybody on NL that wants to play can jump in.
  11. Spyder

    Hey Spy.

    🙋‍♂️ Be careful with torches. Very hot. Also: 🕷️
  12. Spyder

    The Last Movie You Saw: At Home or Theater

    John Wick 2 Salt Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
  13. Florence & The Machine - Big God