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  1. Im currently listening to this playlist
  2. Deano

    What would you rather.....

    Oh boy... will never experience child birth so that is out. I've had both the others and the kick in the nuts pain lasted way much longer so yeah bring on the toothache
  3. Deano


    I'm planning on watching it this weekend...... so far a few people said its not that good
  4. Deano


    Who's going to see the new Thor
  5. Deano


    love gaming, motor racing fan. I mostly play Forza and minecraft (more so minecraft) these days.
  6. Deano

    iTS me, NOT YOU :)

    I'm loving them
  7. Deano

    iTS me, NOT YOU :)

    Hello Gang, some of you guys know me and for those who don't. Dom and I have been friends some a number of years now, we both have the interest in interesting things . I'm a Jamaican who live's in the UK, I'm a husband to the most gorgeous woman in the world and father to the greatest kids int he world. I enjoy many things (too much to list). look forward catching up/getting to know you all. Deano.
  8. Deano


    Hello guys. I'm really happy to see this community back up and running. although I have (not) been lurking, I have always enjoyed the occasional peeks at some hilarious posts. looking forward catching up with you all