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  1. Well... balls.

    Give them a hug. If yours are anything like mine, they relish the opportunity to give love to their momma, and sometimes you don't even need to tell them why. And if you do, it's just because you're sad and need some love, sometimes they just need to know that, too. It's okay to be sad. You can give them reasons when you're ready. As for the love and words, that's a lot. A lot a lot. It's what you have, it's genuine, it's from your soul. I understand feeling useless, but you're not. Being there, thinking thoughts, and being a place they know they can come for words or with words, is a lot.
  2. It's FAIRLY stereotypical, but the births of my boys were mine. For the eldest, it was that moment, in transition, when I literally said "this is really fucking cool," just before his delivery. For the littlest, it was the entire (incredibly fucking fast) labour and delivery (except the back labour. NOT a good feeling). I caught him, and cut his chord. It was incredible. I need to note here that it's not JUST because that's when I met my boys, which is, of course, glorious. But, almost more importantly (for me), it's when I recognized the primal, vicious strength I possess. I learned to completely let go in those moments (I am a BIT of a control freak), and it was fucking stunning. (Please note: I am NOT one of those orgasmic birth folks. It hurt. A lot. )
  3. Well... balls.

    Oh. Sugar. I'm sorry. First, that's awful and sad and all of the things. Secondly, what a shitty (though fascinating) way to discover that news. I hope your aunty is being well taken care of. And I hope you can connect with her and your family in any way you need or want at this time. Lots and lots of love, beautiful. /Hugs.
  4. I love live music. Concerts make me happy. I don't know what The Best was. But I have seen KISS (twice), which was outstanding (the Vancouver show was better than the local one, but it was amazing to see them here), and AC/DC (also twice. The first time, in Tacoma, was outstanding. Maybe, actually, my best concert experience. Because it was AC/DC and we had phenomenal seats in a fairly intimate atmosphere). Ohhhhhhhhhhh...Apocalyptica in the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver was breathtaking. ...it's hard to pick, guys. I LOVE concerts.
  5. Three new writing ideas. I have no idea if I'll make time for any of them, but having real writing ideas (as opposed to work-related promotion/ad writing ideas) is really lovely.
  6. Remembering that I'm worth loving. (By my Self. Like. Obviously the people who love me, but I'm actually worth my own love. I'd forgotten that. In a monumental way. I'm getting a glimpse tonight. It's powerful and amazing and I'm happy for it and I hope I can keep and grow this feeling.)
  7. (The) Because (Thread)

    Because first it made me sad. And because then it made me really fucking frustrated. And because then it motivated me to prove a bitch wrong. And because THEN it made me amused. Because she's not a good person. Because she is not innocent. Because she is deeply, DEEPLY fucking flawed. Because I'm not fucking broken. I'm bruised, but I'm not fucking broken. Because GFY, asshole.
  8. What made you sad?

    Editing something old. Because of how it could be used now. If it could be used now. Because it would be. Because of course it would be. Fuck.
  9. Hold on. Wait. What...?

    WHOA. WhatsApp. I HAVE WHATSAPP, SPY. Wanna chat!?
  10. Hold on. Wait. What...?

    We're so out of touch, Spy. Three or four years. Ugh. Rad piece, though! I really dig that. And I love the translation. Baller.
  11. (The) Because (Thread)

    Because shoveling. Without you, and your gym counterpart, I would have just cried all day. INSTEAD, I worked out. SO. Win.
  12. Weeeeeeeeee! Spinning like a top. Guys. Life is balls. Just. Like okay, I know things are good and there's good. But fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck can it just go suck a fucking cock. Today sucks. Yesterday sucked. I wanted really bad things. It was ugly. THANKFULLY there was shovelling. And vodka. And then more shovelling. Because fuck.
  13. @Spyder That's badass. @hirondelle - did you know about this?
  14. What would you rather.....

    Childbirth. Always childbirth.
  15. Television: Childhood TV Shows

    He-Man, She-Ra, and the My Little Ponies were top three. There were others, but those were most important.