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  1. @Timberwolf - Well. I mean. It was okay. Entertaining af, but I wouldn't necessarily write home about it.
  2. fox


    I believe this:
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    It's funny when you consider how much self-sacrifice accompanies accommodating people, and similar (and almost worse) self-sacrifice at the thought of not harnessing that assertiveness at the risk of changing relationships based on probably unfair accommodation by establishing and strengthening boundaries. I feel this on a hard fucking visceral level. However. My most primary relationship is shifting in a huge way, so my boundary concerns are probably vastly different at this juncture. That said, I think anyone who loves you will appreciate positive, healthy evolution and will work with you, even when it's uncomfortable and difficult. It won't always be harmonious and it will get messy, but it will be worth it and they will recognize that. imo.
  4. fox

    What made you sad?

    Counseling session. Great, but ugh. So many things, y'all. Life can be HEAVY.
  5. I MIGHT get to co-facilitate a grief group with our hospice centre. I've done it before and LOVED it. This would be a new program. I REALLY WANT TO DO THIS. ...and, added bonus, it would work really well into my intended Masters program.
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    I have been through four counselors before finding The One (for my current life). I have been seeing her for over a year now. It began with a story about an aspect of my personal life that I believed was The Problem. Turned out that while it was A Problem, it wasn't the necessary focus. (Spoiler alert.) I was the focus. The work that I have done has been pretty huge, actually. So while I haven't attended a structured therapy program, I see a counselor on a very regular basis and I won't go back to not speaking with someone. This is necessary for my life. I am happy to talk about any aspect of it. ALSO. I have just finished a course (in our Social Work program at UNBC) that included a lot of art therapy (in use, specifically with victims of abuse, as that was the focus of the course). I would be super interested in pursuing art therapy. (As a client, not a facilitator.)
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    What are you reading at the moment?

    I stopped reading it. 🙄 Focused on school. (Plus. Life. 😐) I'LL LET YOU KNOW.
  8. fox

    What are you reading at the moment?

    Nagoski - Come As You Are
  9. Well. In that Gaiman created this version of the character, yes. But...no...not really. It's absolutely brain candy.