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  1. fox


    I know @Dulcet was a student and maybe is again - yes? How's that going, Dulcet? Anyone else? Who's taking classes? My eldest is now in regular school, which is daunting and weird and lovely and beautiful and exciting and pride-inspiring. And I'm taking a class again this semester, a 400-level Social Work class with MAYBE designs on applying for grad school in the next 50 years or so. Talk to me about school. I love school. I work as a student advisor (now) in post-secondary and it's goddamn dreamy. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON.
  2. fox

    Whatcha drinkin'?

    Vodka and blueberry lemonade. w3wt. 😎
  3. fox

    What made you sad?

    Just life. I'm just really tired. (Not OF life. Just tired. I'm okay. Mostly good. But still sad. And tired. And just...feeling like I'm on the edge of something and I have no idea what it is, or whether it's good or awful.)
  4. Finishing corvid tattoo (#1) in less than a month.
  5. fox

    Hey Spy.

    That universe. Bring it. Alt-universe Kim sounds like she has more free time. Which usually means baking. So....
  6. fox

    Pineapple on Pizza

    Okay. But. We may have to have a discussion about proper caesar salad dressing now. Because that right there? That is best with anchovies.
  7. fox

    Hey Spy.

  8. fox

    Hey Spy.

    So very much always.
  9. fox

    Hey Spy.

    @Spyder 🕷️ Hi. xo 🦊
  10. Good mood. (First time in a long time. Just a really good mood. ...for no good reason. MAYBE because bubble-gum pink nails. MAYBE because of sushi plans. EITHER WAY, it was nice to be happy.) Bought myself rocks. For talisman necklaces. (Malachite, amethyst, and tree agate.)
  11. fox

    School has died down

    SUPER cool! Congratulations Dulcet - that's outstanding. And grad school! BALLER. (University is my every day (professional) life. Education makes me happy. )
  12. fox

    Whatcha drinkin'?

    Recently got back into liquor. Because life, y0. I usually alternate between cider, wine, rye, and vodka. Tonight: (Sid) vodka and lemonade. Good times. Who am I drinking with, and what's your poison? (I'm careful and not into serious drinking. It's just been a long time since I've been interested in alcohol - largely because of pregnancy, nursing, trying to get pregnant, more pregnancy, and more nursing. Now that story is over and life has been...life-y.)
  13. While this makes me sad.... Being at home with just him - while he's recovering and actually doing really well right now - is beautiful. He's lovely company. (Largely because I'm not feeling quite SO bad for him because he's presenting as much better than he was at 0300h.)