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  1. Gwaelyn

    I'm a little rusty...

    It's one I did use from time to time...I had to do a quick Internet search since I don't have any of my original files. FLYIVNG LOVE GLOMPS TO EVERYONE!!!
  2. Gwaelyn

    Welcome..... back

    *peeks around a tree* Hi! I'm Gwaelyn/Gwae/The Dark Fairy/Danielle...whatever works for you! Timber was my boss a long time ago in a little craft shop...best one ever! My kids are almost teenagers now...and I'm going slightly insane! I quit my job back in July due to extreme anxiety and depression...so now I sit at home...contemplating my existence and binge watching anime! I'll figure out who I am someday!
  3. Gwaelyn


    *flying love whomp* There's my girl! Hi!
  4. Gwaelyn

    I'm a little rusty...

    Hey everyone!! Kenai managed to find me and drag me out of my hole!