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  1. Moving on Up

    My apologies for my absence but school has kept me quite busy. But the time has come for me to announce some big ass news. I'm moving. It's Section 8/HUD housing with the cheapest rent based off my income and me being a student. Since 2009, I have been a part of a residential program in my county's health department program. I've lived with all sorts of crazy room mates. Some good, bad, and the current two I have are actually decent human beings. Unfortunately, we tried living together and it did not work out, so I doubt it'll work out in the community (with no staff). About a month ago a got the letter my name had come up on the list. After going on an interview and filling out more paperwork than I'll ever do again, the process is finally OVER. I was given permission to tour the place and move in. It's on the 4th floor with an elevator. Because this is literally the ONLY forum on earth I can say this without offending those here It's ABOUT FUCKING TIME!!! I'll be on Facebook if you need me. Just happy I could check in. For those sending xmas cards, hopefully the mail will forward because not even I know my exact address yet. Just thought I'd pop in and make this announcement.
  2. Football NFL Season

    We won minus the flags and you know it @Timberwolf.
  3. Picture Forum

    @Timberwolf we need a pepper emoji Or if there's such a thing as NL air conditioning.
  4. Passed my Data Structures class with a B!!

    1. Timberwolf


      That’s awesome @Dulcet, congrats! 

  5. Wish me luck

    Good luck dude
  6. Adulting sucks...

    I live in a residential program where they do chore inspections multiple times a week. My room mates and I have to keep up with chores in order to remain here otherwise they send a person not capable to a group home. I sometimes pick up after my messy room mate for your same reasons but I would never be able to do your Superwoman powers. Kudos.
  7. Welcome..... back

    Welcome back everyone. @fantasymom I check daily and still miss stuff.
  8. World gone Crazy!

    People point to gun control as the solution. Guns are not the problem. If Congress would fo focus on more mental health services instead of cut the many programs that have been cut this past year I would bet these shootings would stop. That's my two cents. The media is quick to cover guns because it's become easy to talk about. What's not being talked about is the gun doesn't kill by itself.
  9. Top 10 TV Shows

    In no particular order except #1. 1. Firefly 2. Daredevil 3. Dark Angel 4. Stargate SG-1. 5. Supernatural. 6. Doctor Who 7. Jessica Jones 8. Parks and Recreation 9. Sense8 10. Avatar: the Last Airbender.
  10. Do you remember?

    My ex roomie stole my patch. It was in a pencil case. He probably had no idea what it was.
  11. Standing during the US National Anthem?

    Colin Kapernick actually met with an army veteran over the summer and the two sides came up with kneeling instead of sitting. The solution was meant to show unity from both sides, not just one. Kneeling is what soldiers do at a funeral when presenting the flag to a loved one. So all the stuff about disrespect to military is silly.
  12. Book Club

    Ok then what is a Club and why is it not on the mobile menu? Also, I've been up all night.
  13. Book Club

    http://thenorthlands.net/forums/topic/149-this-census-taker-by-china-mieville/ because I can't access clubs from my phone
  14. I feel old

    Weird. That never happened to me. I blinked and message board files were uploaded. Uploads are slower on higher speed connections and faster on lower speed. Except fiber optic, not sure how that works.