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  1. Dulcet

    Welcome Clarissa

    Welcome! Glad you could join us! 😀
  2. Dulcet

    Welcome Mistress Raina

    Welcome back! Good to see you again.
  3. Dulcet


    I love this show too. I left off when God and his sister made up. The earlier seasons were the classics.
  4. Dulcet

    Welcome Echoshae

    Welcome back!
  5. Dulcet

    The Last Movie You Saw: At Home or Theater

    Captain Marvel then I finally watched Indinity War
  6. Dulcet

    Whatcha drinkin'?

    Diet coke a1c is 5.8!!
  7. Dulcet

    Football NFL Season

    Bears are NFC North Champions!!
  8. Dulcet


    I just got myself a Switch in prep for the new Smash Bros Ultimate game. I’ve been playing Octopath Traveler on it so far and it’s a great JRPG. I was sad to give up my Wii U but all my favorites (like Bayonetta & Mario Kart) are on the Switch as well. @Timberwolf what’s your friend code?
  9. I’m finally getting the hang of this grad school stuff that’s been kicking my ass lately. All my late work grades came in yesterday so it was nice to know I’m not failing.
  10. Dulcet

    Whatcha drinkin'?

    Water. Actually I bought this soda stream thing that has been helping me lose weight by kicking my pop addiction.
  11. Dulcet

    Football NFL Season

    @Timberwolf I’d check again. 😛
  12. Dulcet

    Football NFL Season

    I know I was just bragging that we’re in first.
  13. Dulcet

    Football NFL Season

    @Timberwolf what’s that number in the third column? Mitch is still our QB and the football gods have granted us first place in NFC North Week 3. I can say no one expected this, but I’m ok with that. Also @Ren, somewhere Tim Russert is smiling. Go Bills!!!
  14. Dulcet


    It’s online at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). I would go brick and mortar but most data science programs are online and those around here that have it aren’t well established. I got to peek inside my classroom this week and I’m excited. I’ll soon be able to fiddle with datasets and I’ll post stuff here and on my site. I bought a domain but it’s under construction now but when I have stuff to post I’ll probably duo-post it here as well via blog. My first two grad classes are Project Management and Foundations of Data. I’m nervous because I tested out of stats and the basic IT crap since my undergrad was in IT. So far the people posting have at least a decade of industry experience. But I’ll be ok. I prepped pretty well these last few months. I wish you luck @fox in your graduate endeavor.
  15. Dulcet


    Words cannot describe my happiness right now. I’ll be starting grad school in October to pursue data analytics. I’ve been in school since 2004. It’s kinda my favorite topic. I recently completed my bachelors in IT. Student advisers are why. So much props to you for taking on that role. Seriously, you’re awesome. I’m a bit nervous going into grad school as this time I actually have to get one of those gigs that actually pays money. But data science is hot so I’m not too worried. But I can say being an online student gets lonely. Lots of people hate communicating so group projects suck. @fox is your school online or brick and mortar?