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    Netflix - What are you watching right now?

    I like the Marvel shows over the movies. Even with cheese like Iron Fist and Luke Cage, I still like the side character stories they let crossover (Claire, Hogarth, & Turk). Particularly, the end of Jessica Jones Season 2 was interesting because something very important develops in my opinion. But yes, overall it's gotten boring.
  2. Dulcet

    School has died down

    I've finally reached that point in my schooling where I can fuck around again because all my serious work is done. Actually, the class I'm in now is easy because the prof hasn't taught it before and the deadlines are super lose because she didn't read the syllabus all the way through. I graduate in July and I could not be more thrilled. The job hunt has gone depressingly awful, but in the fall I plan on using this grant money I got and pursuing my dream of entering the data science field. I just need to actually start a blog and whatnot to get my stuff out there. I also plan on rewarding myself with a Nintendo 3DS this week as my graduation gift to myself.
  3. Dulcet


    I’ve been obsessively playing Fire Emblem: Tokyo Mirage Sessions it is quite possibly the girliest game imaginable where the US took out all the scantily clad scenes. The plot is not the draw. The dialogue is hilariously cheesy and very much airheaded. However, the game combines the best of the Fire Emblem series as well as ATLUS’ Shin Megami Tensei making the battle system absolutely the BEST. And I’ve played all the top rated Final Fantasy battle systems, which I still find dumb. The DLC I just bought for Mirage Sessions is even more amazing. You can level up super fast but that doesn’t mean you cheat. The actual character levels mean less. Stage Rank is hard to level up even with the DLC and that unlocks more and means more to the main story. It’s essentislly revolving around pop idols so there are a lot of singing sequences and overly hyped masculinity in the two male cast members I’ve encountered. I just ordered more games for my 2DS XL: Metroid II: Samus Returns (Deluxe Edition) Zelda: Link to the Past Zelda: Link Beteen Worlds Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked I also have Bravely Default which is nice but it requires help from friends to make leveling fun. That’s why I was hungry for something different.
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    I’m loving it in mobile form. Very classy. After two years of what my school called a message board, it’s nice to have standards back.
  5. Made a bunch of Happy Graduation to Me purchases in the video game department. Still within my budget!!
  6. Dulcet

    What Made You Feel Proud Today?

    My capstone project grade. My area of expertise being right and not knowing hardware finally paid its reward.
  7. Dulcet


    Completing my bachelor's degree has always been one of my long term goals. My health, living situation, and drive have been major road blocks along the way, but now finally i can take my hands off the wheel and coast to graduation. My degree is in Information Technology with a Specialization in Software Analysis and Design. Most of the people I go to school with are already employed in the field one way or another and just need a piece of paper to advance their career. Me, I only come from retail experience and what professional experience I do have, no one cares for it being that I have no certifications. When people hear I'm in IT they immediately assume I can do X, Y, and Z to their computer and fix it or create stunning websites on the fly or for free. Nope, I'm a dumbass on hardware. Utter dumbass, self admitted. Do I know terminology, yes. But my hands get sweaty pretty quick and wet hardware is not so sexy. My area of expertise is more regarding software, but not programming. Let me explain specifically what I mean by the class I'm currently in. Buy the end of it I'll get to my point so you have some context. In our capstone class we were assigned the mother of all group projects. Each class is 5 weeks long and this was no different except we had to contribute each week individually and to the group. The scenario was as follows: Pretty daunting right? Other specializations in our IT cohort are Network Administration, Digital Investigations, and Information Assurance and Security. I was coming in from the software end. My three group mates were networking/hardware guys. So we were evenly stacked and they were very heavy on the hardware end as far as specs and network topology goes. Each of us contributed equally to the project and we each pulled our own weight. One person was assigned to each area: networking, security, and hardware, software. Some groups had less tow work with so it was nice having all areas covered and all group members actively participating. Week 4 was my area in software and it was my time to shine. Being the lone software expert in the group, I felt the weight on my shoulders. My group had done a stellar job on their ends and my end only had one week and then we got out grade. My end involved the functionality of the proposal. Here's the important part. i may specialize in software development, but coding is NOT my forte. NO CODING WAS REQUIRED FOR THIS. This made me happy because I knew that meant diagrams. Attached below are the diagrams I created for the project. Which I'm damn fucking proud of: We ended up with an A. Now here's my point. I hated doing all that. I hated working with folks that dreaded any form of communication and refused to let down their ego. With the exception of this last group, that was the norm. The diagrams may be fancy, but they were too easy. Data science has always fascinated me since I took an independent study course at my community college. Yes I could go out and pursue software development but I hate coding and I hate all that I learned in my program. Data science is a more solid career and having a graduate degree in my passion has always been my goal. I have a domain set up for when I'm ready to post my portfolio. It's going to be stuff not normally seen due the casual eye. What spawned this passion was the recent outcry over children being separated from their families here at the U.S. border. There was a call to match a parent with child. What steamed me was our country's Homeland Security [expletive] could not answer for where a certain kind of child was. With all do respect to our government, Obama has released data that has been in statistics textbooks for ages. Ya'll seen Avengers: Infinity War? I have not, but I'm pretty damn sure there's a growing need for more people studying data science than being entertained by Marvel and the media.
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    Those are some awesome jerseys!
  9. Dulcet

    Worry Box

    I've been attending this neat therapy group both my case worker and therapist teach that is really cool. It uses this new method called ACT which I never used before. It goes along with lines like CBT, DBT, etc but it's different. It seems to involve more acceptance which is more in line with my beliefs. Attached is a worry box I created. Each week I put my worries/anxiety on a note card and look at them each week. If the anxiety no longer exists on that topic, I tear the card up and throw it away. If the anxiety still exists, I simply put it back in the box. It's a great way to visualize and deal with anxiety in a heathy way.
  10. almost done with my degree!

  11. Dulcet

    School has died down

    I'm one assignment away from completing my degree. I had to push back some classes to make it an easier load. I'm doing awesome though. July 3 is my last day and I start grad school in October at Southern New Hampshire University Online to pursue my dream of becoming a Data Scientist. I already have a domain bought and paid for and I plan on giving you guys here an exclusive look. Right now my focus is on learning the craft and building a small portfolio for you all to see. here is a view of my updated workspace which I'm pretty proud of:
  12. You can create your own cards online. http://mywastedlife.com/CAH/ Never heard of it? Here are the rules CAH_Rules.pdf
  13. Dulcet

    Moving on Up

    My apologies for my absence but school has kept me quite busy. But the time has come for me to announce some big ass news. I'm moving. It's Section 8/HUD housing with the cheapest rent based off my income and me being a student. Since 2009, I have been a part of a residential program in my county's health department program. I've lived with all sorts of crazy room mates. Some good, bad, and the current two I have are actually decent human beings. Unfortunately, we tried living together and it did not work out, so I doubt it'll work out in the community (with no staff). About a month ago a got the letter my name had come up on the list. After going on an interview and filling out more paperwork than I'll ever do again, the process is finally OVER. I was given permission to tour the place and move in. It's on the 4th floor with an elevator. Because this is literally the ONLY forum on earth I can say this without offending those here It's ABOUT FUCKING TIME!!! I'll be on Facebook if you need me. Just happy I could check in. For those sending xmas cards, hopefully the mail will forward because not even I know my exact address yet. Just thought I'd pop in and make this announcement.
  14. I am aware that some of you have a phobia of phones and voice stuffs, but I would seriously like to put some voices to names. Mind you, I'm happy this place is back, but I like to geek out over the phone as well. I don't trust Google, so i won't post my number here, but PM me for it. Isn't there some app for international stuff too?
  15. Dulcet

    Football NFL Season

    We won minus the flags and you know it @Timberwolf.
  16. Dulcet

    Picture Forum

    @Timberwolf we need a pepper emoji Or if there's such a thing as NL air conditioning.
  17. Passed my Data Structures class with a B!!

    1. Timberwolf


      That’s awesome @Dulcet, congrats! 

  18. Dulcet

    Wish me luck

    Good luck dude
  19. Dulcet

    Adulting sucks...

    I live in a residential program where they do chore inspections multiple times a week. My room mates and I have to keep up with chores in order to remain here otherwise they send a person not capable to a group home. I sometimes pick up after my messy room mate for your same reasons but I would never be able to do your Superwoman powers. Kudos.
  20. Dulcet

    Welcome..... back

    Welcome back everyone. @fantasymom I check daily and still miss stuff.
  21. Dulcet

    World gone Crazy!

    People point to gun control as the solution. Guns are not the problem. If Congress would fo focus on more mental health services instead of cut the many programs that have been cut this past year I would bet these shootings would stop. That's my two cents. The media is quick to cover guns because it's become easy to talk about. What's not being talked about is the gun doesn't kill by itself.
  22. Dulcet

    Settling In

    After ditching my homework for a few days to come on here, I finally got a half assed version of it done. I'm definitely no good at Java programming, but I'll turn in what I have if the prof doesn't respond. I am seriously done stressing out over it. Good news on the therapy front. I have an appointment with a therapist that accepts my insurance for later next month. That will help me immensely. I also wanted to share that my new glasses came in today. I have had the same frames (different lenses) for over 10 years. I like them a lot. I'll update this this more as the week goes on. I'm in the mood to update it more than Facebook simply for the fact that for every 9 things I post, I get maybe 3 people reading something. Here the response rate is much more pleasurable.
  23. Dulcet

    Top 10 TV Shows

    In no particular order except #1. 1. Firefly 2. Daredevil 3. Dark Angel 4. Stargate SG-1. 5. Supernatural. 6. Doctor Who 7. Jessica Jones 8. Parks and Recreation 9. Sense8 10. Avatar: the Last Airbender.
  24. Dulcet

    Do you remember?

    My ex roomie stole my patch. It was in a pencil case. He probably had no idea what it was.
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    I has it. Anyone have any good recipes my broke ass can try?