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  1. What up!

    Good thing! *pins him down and eats his... face*
  2. Fanfiction?

    Does anyone else read any? I love it! Especially pwp types but only with characters I already love that have mad ust onscreen. I read Buffy (mostly spuffy but no buffy/angel) fics I love Veronica Mars LoVe fics And I like Queer as Folk Brian/Mikey fics And recently tried Hellcats/Secret Circle fics but the writing standard puts me off somewhat muchly.
  3. I have been re-watching the series because... well it's awesome and I make no apologies for thinking so... BUT I have come to realise that I am so very very stupid. And dense. I had a lightbulb moment and now it seems so BLINDINGLY obvious that I don't know how I never saw it before! Episode 14 of series 5: "Crush" (which, btw- swoon!) Discussion of The Hunchback of Notre-Dame by Tara: "No, see, it can't, it can't end like that, 'cause all of Quasimodo's actions were selfishly motivated. He had no moral compass, no understanding of right, everything he did he did out of love for a woman who'd never be able to love him back. Also, you can tell it's not gonna have a happy ending when the main guy's all bumpy." Read more:http://www.buffyguide.com/episodes/crush/crushquotes.shtml#ixzz4vFIrzWT0 It's a quote about Spike! I feel like beating myself over the head with how bloody obvious it is to me now!
  4. Age, if you want to share.

    I understand hun! Replying to this is my main reason for coming online at flipping midnight. While I have never embraced make up myself, I fully support doing anything to make you feel like the 'You' that is ready to face the world. If it's was paint to give you confidence or a mask to hide something you aren't ready to share, or if you just like it, it's still you and you are fucking beautiful my lovely. (I remember you saying something about not feeling comfortable without makeup from way back) P.S. I am not one for swearing for the most part so sorry if I did offend, but I felt very strongly about that emotion and it felt like it needed the emphasis. P.P.S. I am 32
  5. What up!

    We'll the big advantage of the shadows is that I can do wicked stuff to you without others seeing, ha ha!
  6. Youtube

    Videos/songs/other stuck in your head? Share! Here's mine, NSFW! But many lolz (possibly British lolz?)
  7. Head Count: who is missing?

    *steals MC away, does unspeakable things and then pops him back into Ren's arms so she can continue bad things also*
  8. Weight loss goals

    So I have been trying to get back to my previous fitness/weight, my aim is to do so slowly but in time for the wedding day (about 9 months away). When I started in June I was 77.7 kg (171 lbs), I am now 72.9 (160.7 lbs) and I can SEE a difference now, so I feel really good! My goal that I am admitting to is 70kg but what I would REALLY like is to get to 66.6kg again because that was my weight when 3 months pregnant with my now 7 year old. Things that help me: Drinking more water (or fluids generally) MyFitnessPal tracking app My new Fitbit which is now linked to MyFitnessPal and they know some crazy sh*t between them! Going to yoga again Walking to collect my girly from school while carrying my son (he rides in a sling/carrier) Oh! And I do this now too! http://www.weightlossresources.co.uk/exercise/body_toning/upper_body.htm 8 mins (ish) before bed when the kiddies are sleeping, started off not being able to do 1 f***ing push up, now can do 20! ("girls" push up, ca't do the full out type yet, will try when my toe is no-longer broken)
  9. Day 1, Again

    Go Hiro! You are my hero! Little tips that help me, calorie tracking apps, MyFitnessPal is the one I use and I love it, it asks how fast you want to shed/gain weight and adjusts calories accordingly And... water. I drink a pint of water before eating (about 10-30m beforehand) and it helps me feel 'full' after eating what I would normally consider "not enough". Of course I never used to drink enough anyway so it helps with that too. Keep at it
  10. The Thank you thread

    Thank you everyone in Northlands for making me so happy to see you all and for how you helped me all those years ago (many of you without even knowing that you did)
  11. What up!

    Many loves to all for the welcomes! Missed you all muchly! Foxy lady! How many little 'uns d'ya have? Belated 'grats for any and all of them Moony! Ren! Pheonix! SD! Keth! *pounce cuggles them in a large pile of bodies * Oh... MC... can you go and fetch that small thing over there in the shadows? *waits till he's in shadow and pounces* Bwahahaha!
  12. What up!

    Love you *much cuggles*
  13. PI crowd

    Me me me! many loves for PI days, twas where I met Wolf
  14. What up!

    Lol, yup yup, I just followed the pretty lady to where she promised many cuddles Ack! Cuggles! My words of choice back when! Ah memories! (Rofl, am on my phone and auto correct tried to make that 'ah members', an entirely different phrase/thought!)
  15. Welcome..... back

    Ha ha, thank you, what are my chances for starring in my own Jerry Springer spin off?