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  1. DarkAngel

    Picture Forum

    Why, thank you @Timberwolf -blushes and covers my smile with a wing-
  2. DarkAngel

    Netflix - What are you watching right now?

    lol Yeah.. I can't tell you how much time I spend looking through everything. I'll put a ton of stuff in my queue, and then sit there and feel like I don't have anything to watch.... Sometimes, I'll close my eyes and press a ton of arrow buttons, and randomly pick something. Most of the time, I'm pleased with what I end up watching lol!
  3. From top to bottom: Mya my seven year old Rat Terrier Laylah a little over a year Boots/Bootsy a little over a year (they are sisters) Rex my seven month old Mastiff/Heeler/Lab/Chuaha (don't ask idk, I'm guessing a stepping stool was involved) and my favorite picture of the sisters together <3
  4. DarkAngel

    Picture Forum

    It is I, Batman!
  5. DarkAngel

    The Person Below Me.

    Well it isn't a secret anymore is it?? Wants to come give me a neck and shoulder massage.
  6. DarkAngel

    Stephen King

    So, I want to read a Stephen King novel/series. I tried reading them as a teenager, but couldn't get into them. I think now that I'm older, I would enjoy them. I've seen most of his popular films, so I'd prefer something I don't already know the story line to for my first book. What would you guys recommend for my first Stephen King book? TIA
  7. So, I'm sure quite a few of you have Netflix, so I'm curious to see what you guys are watching right now? I'm currently watching Chewing Gum. It's been a long time since a television character has made me squirm with embarrassment. It's a pretty quirky show. I'm addicted, and almost finished. Anyone else watching this one?
  8. DarkAngel

    Tom Petty! RIP!

    I can't believe it! What a sad day. Especially with the world wind of news surrounding it. Passed, still alive, passed, still alive, then finally he had passed! Reminds you that life can be very short.
  9. DarkAngel

    Progress Pictures

    wow! great work @FireNymph! What have you been doing? Do you count calories? Low carb?
  10. DarkAngel

    What's for dinner tonight??

    Eggs and beer? lol that's a first
  11. DarkAngel


    my bed, my animals, my mom and dad, my alone time, movies, my phone, my video games, my crafts, my kitchen.. i'm sure I could probably list a million more things lol
  12. DarkAngel

    What's for dinner tonight??

    Later on I will be making Creamy chicken, rice, and mushroom skillet. I don't exactly have a recipe, but it will be nice and mushroomy and delicious!
  13. DarkAngel


  14. DarkAngel

    The person above me

    fell from lightning? lol
  15. DarkAngel

    Three word story (continuous)

    soaking the humans....