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  1. Squarepeg

    The Last Movie You Saw: At Home or Theater

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.
  2. Squarepeg

    Word Art

  3. Squarepeg

    Word Art

  4. Squarepeg

    Word Art

  5. Squarepeg

    Historical Drama

    Yeah, I was thinking more about dramatisation based on actual events rather than fiction.
  6. Squarepeg


    This is bloody brilliant.
  7. Squarepeg

    What are you listening to at the moment? Spyder

    A-ha, acoustic hits. Right now Manhattan Skyline is on. This album is fucking awesome. It also features Alison Moyet, and Ian McCulloch from Echo and the Bunnymen as The Killing Moon is on here.
  8. Squarepeg

    NSFW - Life

    I'm sure you are... I have already asked a photographer for his permission to use his images and he has agreed.
  9. Squarepeg

    NSFW - Life

    @hirondelle I was actually thinking of doing more male studies, including full frontal.
  10. Squarepeg

    NSFW - Life

    Just now, from one of my images. Sorry the photo's crap, took it with my phone.
  11. Squarepeg

    Football NFL Season

    There's a game here tomorrow, at Twickingham. A friend from work is going. I can't remember who's playing though.
  12. Squarepeg


    I drew this from one of my photographs.
  13. Squarepeg

    NSFW - Life

    That's it until I can be arsed to draw some more! Tell me what you think.
  14. Squarepeg

    NSFW - Life

  15. Squarepeg

    NSFW - Life