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  1. The Last Movie You Saw: At Home or Theater

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.
  2. NSFW - Life

    Thought I'd put these in a different thread so people knew there might be things in here that aren't safe for your work computer. These are all done with charcoal and/or pastel unless otherwise stated, and these first ones were all done from photos on Tumblr, with the artists permission and i drew them last year.
  3. Word Art

    About four years ago I started SquarePeg in a RoundHole on Facebook to display some of my manipulated images and poetry. Along the way I began to combine the two into "word art". It was a form of therapy for me to help combat the depression that I had at the time, so a lot of it was pretty dark and moody, painful and angry. But, not all of it. These first few are a little more recent than four years old, I'll get to those another day. I hope you enjoy it and it would be interesting to know what you think.
  4. Wish me luck, guys. I've for a job interview in a couple of hours at the airport.
  5. Word Art

  6. Word Art

  7. Word Art

  8. Historical Drama

    Yeah, I was thinking more about dramatisation based on actual events rather than fiction.
  9. Historical Drama

    Last night @Songmistress and I watched Gunpowder, a historical drama based upon the events that lead up to the attempted assassination of King James I during the opening of Parliament in November 1605. It starred (and was produced and created by) Kit Harrington as Robert Catesby, the instigator of the plot, Mark Gatiss as Robert Cecil, the then Secretary of State, and Lyv Tyler as Catesby's cousin. The events became known as the Gunpowder Plot and is the reason behind the tradition of Bonfire Night here in the UK every 5th November. It's also known as Guy Fawkes Night, because he was caught beneath the Houses of Parliament with 6000 pounds of gunpowder ready to light the fuse that would blow King James and his entire government to oblivion. He was obviously tortured and executed for his part in the scheme. Anyway, the point of this post is to say it was bloody brilliant and you should watch it if you get the chance. It is quite gory in places, though. Also, what are your favourite historical dramas? Do you watch them? If you don't, why not? Curious minds want to know. Well, my curious mind does.
  10. 42

    This is bloody brilliant.
  11. What are you listening to at the moment? Spyder

    A-ha, acoustic hits. Right now Manhattan Skyline is on. This album is fucking awesome. It also features Alison Moyet, and Ian McCulloch from Echo and the Bunnymen as The Killing Moon is on here.
  12. NSFW - Life

    I'm sure you are... I have already asked a photographer for his permission to use his images and he has agreed.
  13. NSFW - Life

    @hirondelle I was actually thinking of doing more male studies, including full frontal.
  14. NSFW - Life

    Just now, from one of my images. Sorry the photo's crap, took it with my phone.
  15. Football NFL Season

    There's a game here tomorrow, at Twickingham. A friend from work is going. I can't remember who's playing though.
  16. SquarePeginaRoundHole

    I drew this from one of my photographs.
  17. SquarePeginaRoundHole

    I will be posting my photographic and traditional art in here. I hope you enjoy what you see. This is one of Autumn I took last year for her album "The Other Side".
  18. NSFW - Life

    That's it until I can be arsed to draw some more! Tell me what you think.
  19. NSFW - Life

  20. NSFW - Life

  21. NSFW - Life

  22. NSFW - Life

  23. NSFW - Life

  24. NSFW - Life

  25. NSFW - Life

    This one is from one of my photos of Autumn.