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  1. What made you happy today?

    Friday in Bangkok made me happy !
  2. Pineapple on Pizza

    More cheese and other stuff just with a bit of pineapple for me is fine, I would not order a pizza with pineapple on it but if its there I would eat it lol.
  3. Important: if you are at work do not view the home screen

    @hirondelle yes... we are on the same wavelength !
  4. Important: if you are at work do not view the home screen

    @Timberwolf thanks USA
  5. TV Shows

    Yes its sometimes overwhelming... so much to watch makes me feel like not watching haha.
  6. Depths of africa

    Thank you @Lightningfall something mystical about these woods. Glad to be here.
  7. Depths of africa

    @Ren thank you, i see plenty plus !
  8. Three Albums

    1. Billy ocean - Best of greatest hits - because I'm next to the ocean 2. Fourplay - between the sheets - relaxing to listen to 3. The best of Chuck berry - so I could imagine I'm back in the city lol
  9. Football NFL Season

  10. TV Shows

    Narco's is fantastic.
  11. Football NFL Season

    I'm a Dallas Cowboys supporter !
  12. Three word story (continuous)

    Party on sunday
  13. Depths of africa

    @Kethlia ...lost in the northland woods !
  14. Depths of africa

    @Kethlia Oooh kinky lol!
  15. Depths of africa

    kisses right back... thank you and yes you can call me cooly haha.