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  1. FireNymph

    Progress Pictures

    Muscle gainz in my shoulders and traps!
  2. FireNymph

    Progress Pictures

    You're so tiny! 😍
  3. FireNymph


    I can create a board on pinterest of indoor stuff for you to try.
  4. FireNymph


  5. FireNymph

    My butt hurts

    I could of used you!
  6. FireNymph

    My butt hurts

    Butt seriously my Butt hurts 😔
  7. FireNymph


    It was so much fun! The bull actually hit the clown in the barrel and sent him flying!
  8. FireNymph


    We went to the fair and Rodeo/concert over the weekend. So much fun! Snapchat-1050036711.mp4
  9. FireNymph

    Free Weights

    So as I was training legs tonight the free weight cronies were razing one of them because I was leg pressing more than him. I was only doing 495 lbs (my max is 720 lbs) Derrik laughed and told them what my max was. They are for sure he's lying. I had so many witnesses to see it when I did it but something in me wanted to prove it to them. Grr Anyways, who else lifts weights?
  10. FireNymph

    Day 1, Again

    This makes me so happy!
  11. FireNymph

    Snapchat Selfies and Selfies

    Better look at the necklace 😘
  12. FireNymph

    Snapchat Selfies and Selfies

    Dom and Moon I think I need to do picture blog the adventures of my necklace!
  13. FireNymph

    Snapchat Selfies and Selfies

    And I'm a deer! Lol
  14. FireNymph

    Food woes.

    Stupid ex's 😂