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    What are you reading at the moment?

    It feels like it has been a while since really picking up anything, but last couple books I read were Lake Silence- Anne Bishop Twilights Dawn- Anne Bishop ive been slowly picking at Les Miserables, but I really need to reread Sword of Shanara trilogy, since it’s been years and years
  2. Cyrain

    Netflix - What are you watching right now?

    Still getting through NCIS, going to watch Series of Unfortunate Events soon (rewatch and then new season). Just rough cause I have no time, having to supervise puppy
  3. Cyrain

    Pineapple on Pizza

    I’m not sure how I missed this the first time through... how do you accidentally get some in your mouth? I feel like this is up there with ‘accidentally’ having sex. I opened my mouth and this wild slice of delicious Hawaiian pizza flew in? :3 Seriously considering getting some aloha bbq chicken pizza for lunch tho
  4. Cyrain

    How kind do you need to be?

    Oh god, I would never want to drive through Chicago traffic. People are crazy over there. Friend and I went to concert, and had considered a road trip, but we decided to take the train and walk to the venue, and I’m so glad we did. Stress levels would have been through the roof otherwise. >.<
  5. Cyrain

    (The) Because (Thread)

    Because I’m tired. Because I hate being fat and unappealing. because I’m impatient. because i want more. Because i have no right to claim anyone’s time.
  6. Cyrain


    I have Gardenscapes and Plants vs Zombies 2 on my phone. Otherwise been working my way through Persona 5 and another playthrough of Stardew Valley
  7. Cyrain


    https://prnt.sc/ixcyt5 Welcome thread has 666 posts. I'm not sure who we're summoning, but i wonder if I should be worried.
  8. Cyrain

    How kind do you need to be?

    It can be a hard, fine line to walk... how nice to you have to be when other people just seem to use it to their own gain or take advantage. To continue with the example of commuting: when the highway is backed up with traffic and people on the entrance ramp are wanting to merge...how many people do i have to let in front of me before I’ve met my ‘nice’ quota? As angry and vitriolic as my thoughts and sometimes words, can be on the road at rush hour... when I stop and consider, I run into the same two points: 1, that they other people out there probably think the same toward me, and 2, that there’s little real malice behind my thoughts/words. Its not always easy, but when I have to be in public, I try to be kind, and remember not to judge too harshly...you never know what someone is going through in that moment. The idiot who runs into you, absorbed in their phone might have just received the worst news of their life. I try... but not easy, with all these other idiots on the road
  9. Cyrain

    Netflix - What are you watching right now?

    I could easily do away with TV and just watch Netflix. Even when I can’t watch, I like to have it as background at work (one of the ‘ive Seen this show 5 million times so I don’t need to watch’ things)
  10. Cyrain


    Hm, I didn’t know this was a sport. Does that mean we’re all top athletes?
  11. Cyrain

    Netflix - What are you watching right now?

    Man, I just love all the actors in Mindhunter. Such a good job
  12. Cyrain

    Netflix - What are you watching right now?

    Making my way through all 14 seasons of NCIS lol up to season 8 so far. I watched it when it first came out, but now rewatching Mindhunter. Can’t wait for next season. other than that, my brother and I are watching Fullmetal Alchemist lol :3
  13. While i have not finished the WoT series (i still have not even cracked Memory of Light, might be time to reread and finish), I absolutely love them, and even have a tattoo from WoT on my calf (Daes Dae'mar). My friend and I spent many hours trying to cast a WoT show or movie, and with the overwhelming success of LotR, we were hopeful that WoT might get the same treatment... and then GoT launched and we were once again excited that a fantasy series was doing so well, and once again had a vague hope that it might mean WoT would finally become a series. With the launch of The Shanara Chronicles, I realized that it would likely NEVER be done to satisfaction on any broadcast or cable station, and so would require the budget and depth of a Game of Thrones type show on premium cable like HBO or Showtime. And then, i realized... there's a very good chance that no matter who creates and produces it, I'll probably hate it. I've never watched GoT or read the books. And after the Fellowship, i never picked up LotR again (And likely never will, flare up with my best friend, who is a die hard LotR fanatic, caused me to vow never to pick them up or finish them ever again), and I think that was the saving grace for both series (if i manage to sit and watch more GoT after the first episode). I don't know the stories, or in the case of Harry Potter, I'm not as invested in them, so I'm able to sit back and enjoy what they are able to do with the material and enjoy it for what it is. I'm terrified that I would simply hate any big (or small) screen adaptation of WoT. Of course, if they make it, if it exists... of course I'll watch it. P.S. Though he's a bit too old, and wrong color eyes, I always liked Cillian Murphy for Mat.
  14. Cyrain


    I can’t bring myself to send it to the one I want, so I’ll just leave it here. I broke in two to ease the longing To stop the gnawing Of hope into my soul. In two a thousand brittle shards My shattered heart bled And none can bear it. Three empty wholes rest here Where eyes and heart once dwell And now drip tears of hollow hope Into the void of silent doubt. What kind of worth can you have When the white line shackles tie you to the bed? What dreams resurrect, when buried in the crimson comfort, A cold steel kiss to send you to sleep and wake the sighing darkness. Goodnight mama... a breath against the heart, there and gone Each step heavier toward the rising dawn And again to bed, where white line shackles whisper sweet promises to call you home.
  15. Cyrain

    Yada yada yada

    I don't generally debate people because, well, generally people are awful. You lot are lovely, so while I'd be exceedingly nervous due to self-conditioning, I could possibly post in here every now and then. BUT (butt? hmmm) I just need one small moment to say ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! This is a general, blanket statement for most of the 'hot button' topics. (In the world/US at large, not necessarily here on this forum specifically) I understand that some of the hot topics being debated in the world are extremely important and hit very close to home for a lot of people, and I don't mean to be insensitive to what people are dealing with or going through, or what their personal struggles have been. I just look at everything that is going on in the world, all the things that are monumentally more important, and can't help but think "REALLY?? are we REALLY this concerned about THIS right now??" Anyway... that's my small rant for the day. If you need me, I'll be in the corner, hiding from and denying any such post in a 'debate' thread.
  16. Cyrain

    Yada yada yada

    That's very true, and makes me feel like a bigger dick than I already was, but sometimes... I don't know, just have to wonder if people realize what they're getting up in arms about.
  17. Cyrain

    logging out issue is back

    did it again just now, 10:18am EST, Chrome browser
  18. Soda- Nothing but Thieves
  19. Cyrain

    logging out issue is back

    Just happened to me, 7:40am EST, using Chrome. Seems just forum page this time. edit: Seems to happen once or twice, then is fine. weird.
  20. Cyrain

    Snapshot Stories

    Just throwing this in a new thread so it doesn't clog up others. Calling it snapshot stories, because they're just little, blink of the eye, moments in time, shared between two characters... no real 'beginning, middle, end', and generally not long enough to show much of, or any, plot. It's just a moment, a conversation, a shared look. Anyway, as promised, this one doesn't really need much in the way of explanation. The character Cyra was created for a tabletop RPG that my friend created and ran. Logan and Jonathan are, were, important people to Cyra, Logan as her lover and Jonathan as their best friend. Hope you enjoy ^.^
  21. Cyrain

    Snapshot Stories

    another with Cyra and Logan first meeting.... cause the Goddess wanted it. :3
  22. Cyrain

    Research project help?

    So, looking at the societal expectations of women after loss of an infant? Specifically what... like, if there was amount of time that was acceptable to grieve, expected to get back on the horse so to say, expectations of dress and decorum. Or possibly what the loss said about woman and how the community viewed the individual. Or possibly what the religious implications were. I'd imagine focusing on that time frame would look more at miscarriage and stillbirth, or maybe compare those to the grief or views should the child survive birth, but pass away after some time had passed. Or what the overall impact of infant mortality meant for woman expected to bear children to their husbands, and what the stress such knowledge would have on woman, and whether how they handle that stress and the societal pressure would have an effect on time spent grieving a loss (ok, this would probably be rather difficult, searching for correlations in a not-modern time period). I don't really know, i'm just throwing things out in the void at this point lol
  23. Cyrain

    logging out issue is back

    Same, using Chrome, 4:30pm EST when i click on Forum in the top menu bar. Still takes me to Forum page, but looks like i'm logged out and nothing updated. Also happens when I click on Blogs from the top menu bar.
  24. Cyrain

    Snapshot Stories

    I'll try to work on finishing up another little thing tonight, with couple of new characters. Have to see how it goes.