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  4. Phuking running Nakkie in the Park

    ~tries to get up but is now naked and slippery and trips again and falls on the naked Moonhawk~ Hi!
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  8. Phuking running Nakkie in the Park

    ~gives a startled scream and runs away totally naked, trips over the edge of the slip and slide and goes down head first only to wind up in a naked pile at the bottom~
  9. Snapchat Selfies and Selfies

    I've never been able to do snapchat much, I run out of things to take pictures of pretty quickly and I assume the other person really doesn't want to see endless pictures of me lol. And I would follow the adventures of the cleavage errr necklace with great devotion lol
  10. Women and aging

    Society is definitely easier on aging men then it is on aging women. Women are supposed to age gracefully and usually that seems to mean that women are supposed to put more effort into maintaining societies standards then men. Take hair loss for example, or hair color. Men are now shaving their heads deliberately because bald is in right now and in a lot of cases considered very sexy (take Vin Diesel for example) but it's not the same for women. Or going grey... there's an entire aisle in the stores just for women's hair color driven to hide the grey. And there's a tiny section for men. Women still find older men sexy and it's not uncommon to see a 20 year age difference but if it's an older woman and a younger guy she's a cougar (implied predator). Double standards everywhere... personally while I'm not exactly enjoying that some things are less perky than they used to be I'm not really trying to hide it. I have fairly good genetics and most people think I'm 10 years younger than I am but I'm always honest that I'm 40 and not 30. I do color my hair but that's more because I like being a bit more red lol.
  11. Fortune Cookie....

    I got a fortune cookie not long ago that was basically the forever alone cookie lol. I can't remember exactly what it said now but it was the most depressing fortune cookie ever.
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  14. Phuking running Nakkie in the Park

    ~strips off her clothes and skips around naked~ No naked running for me, I'll give myself a black eye lol
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