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  1. Oh look it's 2 am!  Only 4 more hours of work...  Psych... now it's 1 am again and there's 5 more hours of work... stupid daylight savings time  ¬¬

  2. Just a little public service announcement...  if you put icy hot on your back when it's just a little bit sweaty apparently you skip the icy and just light your back ablaze lol.

    1. Timberwolf


      LOL, any type of liquid will cause it to do that.  LOL.  I could have warned you about that if I'd known you were going to use it.  LOL.

    2. Tika


      Lol well now I know...  I haven't needed it yet since I got to work tonight 

  3. Can't sit, can't walk, lay down on the couch to wait to go to the chiropractor and the cat decides I'm now a great bed:S20171101_080214.thumb.jpg.13e41dbdff38ecf23d7595713854bf64.jpg

  4. Attempted a video blog entry, couldn't do it, made me too nervous lol.  Damn that's hard how do people do that?

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    2. Tika


      That's kind of what I did, I talked for like 10 seconds and then went "omg what are you doing you look like an idiot" and stopped it and deleted it lol

    3. hirondelle


      Just keep doing that haha! For me I wanted to overcome that barrier, talking at a camera is a pretty cool skill to develop.

    4. Tika


      Yeah that's pretty much where I'm at too

  5. Friday the 13th?  Check.  Super short staffed at work tonight?  Check.  (Me and 1 nurse for 66 residents for part of the night tonight and just me, 1 other cna and 1 nurse the rest of the night)  3 hours or less of sleep?  Check.  All the caffeine?  Check.  Good to go lol


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    2. MaleConfessor


      As personal as you want...

    3. Tika


      I was told I'm in the wrong profession by a little old guy when I gave him a back rub last night lol

    4. MaleConfessor
  6. So my back is broken now...  picking up a person off the floor by myself and putting them back in bed is totally proper body mechanics... right?