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    Sometimes it's too much

    I don't know if I can take anymore, working in the field I'm in while I'm at the lowest point emotionally I've been at in a long time if not ever. I'm 2 hours into an 8 hour shift and I just watched someone die. And it's not the first, or the last. I feel sometimes like I'm surrounded by death and sickness, maybe not feel like, I am surrounded by it. Right now I really just want to go home, curl up in a ball and cry. I want someone to just hold me and tell me life is worth living. That we're not just all on a slow trip to wind up here... dumped off by your family to die alone surrounded by strangers. I have seen some families who are here for their loved ones but I've seen too many who are alone at the end, or holding a hand they don't know. And no matter how much I care or try to provide some measure of comfort I always feel bad and I know it's not the same. I don't want to wind up like that. I don't want to wind up alone, I feel like I'm alone now, even with the kids I still wind up feeling so detached lately. So when I do let myself feel, or when it gets so much that I have no choice but to feel it's like drowning. Edit - 6 hours and 8,000 steps later I'm home and I have absolutely nothing left. I don't have the emotional energy left to do more than tell my daughter I love her before I crawl into bed. My feet hurt, my back hurts, my heart hurts, I'm just so very very done with everything.
  2. Tika

    What are you looking at now?

    I mean beyond a computer or phone screen lol. Let us see what you see... Here's mine at the moment...
  3. A very pleasant wake up And it's finally feeling like spring! I can open my damn windows for the first time 6 months lol
  4. Having to shovel 8 inches of snow in fucking April, for the second time in a week. I need to run away to somewhere tropical.
  5. Tika

    What are you looking at now?

    Wtf spring...
  6. Tika

    How kind do you need to be?

    So I retract some of my earlier thoughts that a lot of the kindness isn't genuine. We had a snowstorm here the other day and my daughter put my car in the ditch. Nothing serious just a little ditch, no one was hurt and no damage, she just couldn't get out due to the snow. And in the 15 minutes or so it took me and my son to get over there with his truck to pull her out she had at least 5 people stop to see if she needed help. So there are a lot of genuinely kind people here I'm just really cynical and bitter lately.
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    Picture Forum

    Got new glasses and redid my hair again, I feel slightly less meh about my appearances sometimes lol
  8. Tika

    What are you looking at now?

    Oh look an entire bottle of wine fits in here... lol
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    Welcome Lord Soth

    Welcome @LordSoth I can't remember if you were ever on any versions of the Northlands or if it was just my board back in the day but I know there's people here you know. I'm not sure about the name choice, I mean I get it... but still lol. Anyhow, welcome, I'm glad you're here
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    Uhm, Hello, 18+ forum...

    I figured out why I couldn't find it at first, I'm not losing my mind it's the sign out issue so it only appears when it says I'm signed in... lol
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    (The) Because (Thread)

    Because I'm tired of having the same nightmare over and over Because I'm never important enough Because the good never lasts
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    Thank you that means a lot
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    So I've been missing in action for a while. I've really been struggling with depression and not wanting to interact with anyone including my own family. Most days I have to fight off the urge to just hide in my room because I know I can't do that to my kids. I grew up with a parent who would get depressed and go to bed for weeks and I refuse to let myself become that. But it's gotten really hard. It just feels like the darkness I've been circling has swallowed me whole and I'm drowning. I know I have people who care, I know I could reach out but I don't want to... it's gotten bad enough that there have been nights I've just laid in bed crying and wishing life just came with an off switch. So I'm trying to force myself to try, to remember that this isn't me... at least I hope this isn't me...
  14. It makes me happy I only have to work 4 more hours and then I'm off for 2 days, the full moon craziness is already starting, I've got one resident singing at the top of her lungs (had to bring her roommate out by me so she could sleep) and I just found another one in the bed he had just made himself on the floor (cause it's cooler down there)
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    I can't really isolate myself, kids, work, life won't really allow it. It probably doesn't help much that it's winter (otherwise known as hibernation season) here still. I think my job and my hours isolate me in a way too, working nights I can't sleep on nights I'm off and I spend a lot of time alone at work with nothing but my own toxic thoughts. I'm trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel, I know it's there but damn it's dark here in the middle. And nursing is a rough field for depression, too many final moments this winter.
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    The person above me

    Is the reason we have this place to come home to
  17. Tika

    The Punishment (NSFW)

    Love this... more of this please lol.
  18. Being asked to come back... it makes me happy to be remembered
  19. Tika

    Uhm, Hello, 18+ forum...

    Where? Am I blind cause I can't find it... lol
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    How kind do you need to be?

    Being in a small town in the Midwest I've found a lot of people are excessively nice, but it's rarely genuine. There's a lot of nice to your face and then stab you in the back. There's also this noise Midwesterners make when they bump into someone, "ope' that I only recently realised I make too lol. Even like black friday shopping here people still say excuse me if they run into you. Hell I've said sorry to inanimate objects... >.< It's also my job to be nice to people even when they're verbally or physically abusing me so I run a little short on nice outside of work sometimes but it's pretty ingrained in me.
  21. Tika

    Welcome..... back

    Same... lol
  22. Tika

    Top 10 TV Shows

    So when I was reading the top 10 movies I started wondering what are people's top 10 TV shows? I'll start with mine Farscape Firefly Dr Who Supernatural Game of Thrones La Femme Nikita Outlander Westworld Fawlty Towers Stargate
  23. Happy birthday baby! I love you and I promise the birthdays will get better...
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    Sometimes I feel like I'm lost in the dark. Like inside of me is this huge black void and I'm just wandering around it, fumbling in the dark. Sometimes I lose my footing and I feel the edge crumbling beneath me. I can feel the emptiness there, almost a physical presence breathing down my neck. There's things in the dark, demons circling, waiting for me to trip, their anger seeps into me, changing me. I'm afraid of who I'm becoming here. I'm losing bits of myself, I feel them slipping away. My hope, my optimism, my trust, my faith, my love, my joy. I feel myself getting harder, The anger is always there now, a simmering pool that I can't seem to stay out of. It almost feels like home. I don't know if I even want to feel anymore. I'm so tired of hurting, at least if I don't feel anything I don't feel pain. I've been through a lot of things in my life but I've never felt like this for this long before. This is used to be a place I visited, not where I live. I struggle not to hurt myself. Physical pain reminds me I can still feel. And I want to feel, I truly do, I just don't want to feel this... It's funny too that I feel like physically I look better, depression and darkness look good on me apparently.