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  1. VelvetyOne

    Age, if you want to share.

    Right! I mean there are times I don't really think it is useful to share my age... usually when I am playing online shooter games. I don't mind sounding like a 12 year old boy, then. Better than being treated as a female gamer.
  2. VelvetyOne

    Age, if you want to share.

    Hallo my spirit, Soulie! My body is 39, my soul is ageless, and my mind is about 26. I used to care about people knowing my age, but as those people age with me, I care less and less... lol
  3. VelvetyOne

    Welcome..... back

    Mmmmf. I believe if it is what I think it is... I have indeed felt this before. You are really quite lovely to suggest it, perhaps this old soul would enjoy it after all.
  4. VelvetyOne

    Welcome..... back

    Extremely happy to be back, dear one!
  5. VelvetyOne

    Welcome..... back

    @Kethlia Nods and releases the wineglass, letting it poofing back into nothing. "I have not yet tried soul energy, and you are sure it does not harm the owner? I have known a few energy vampires in my time, and while they can be useful with overly-excited people or with helping others sleep, I am not a fan of them." Smiles and tilts head, "please, you will have to give me an example."
  6. VelvetyOne

    What's for dinner tonight??

    Better than gaegogi!
  7. VelvetyOne

    Welcome..... back

    Dawwwwie, what a lovely welcome! *ruffles Timber's fur and gives good belly-rubs with the hugs!* So glad to be back!
  8. VelvetyOne

    Welcome..... back

    *smiles wide and nuzzles Kethlia with the cuddles* "My hands are quite good, it is true. Especially when they are used to give affection in the forms of hugs or massages. I won't mention the other ways, yet." *smooches the side of her head, then leans over to nab another enchanted glass of wine from the air, offering it to the sweet friend* "But really, it is a true blessing of the Gods to have such a wonderful place to come home to."
  9. VelvetyOne


    I wonder if your toots are as noxious as my kitty's toots. Makes my eyes water and my nose BURN. *jumps on wlfy and SQUEEEEEZES the toots out*
  10. Welcome back!

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    2. VelvetyOne


      HA! Right, you speak the truth. I really honestly have so much love for this group, these people have pulled me through some extremely difficult times, times where I honestly didn't think I should have survived. I know better now of course, but I am so very thankful for those that I have here for life. <3

    3. Kethlia


      We have those forums set up too. And I for one am so glad that you and everyone else who needed it have been helped by those who call NL home. Though we have only passed each other or possibly rped together a time or two. It's wonderful to have you back.

    4. VelvetyOne


      You are a sweetie, and I look forward to the future of shared stories. Cheers!