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  1. DragonsBane

    What made you happy today?

    My sweet Rhea. Got her 2 weeks ago but she makes me happy every day
  2. DragonsBane

    What made you happy today?

    being down another 7 lbs
  3. DragonsBane

    What made you happy today?

    Trip to NOLA before hurricane nate hit
  4. this is what happens when you RTFM

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    2. DragonsBane


      RTFM = read the fucking manual lol

    3. Kethlia


      For the board?

      I thought it meant Read To Ffing Much as trying to play catch up on here. Lol.

    4. DragonsBane


      lol for status updates :D


  5. DragonsBane


    lol ide forgotten all about the penguins!
  6. DragonsBane


    lol indeed!
  7. DragonsBane

    Welcome..... back

    A name that is not easily forgotten! Welcome back
  8. DragonsBane

    Welcome..... back

    Sweet beautiful woman cant think of anything but fun when thinking of you
  9. DragonsBane


    When this year started I was 446lbs and met someone that made me realise I wanted to be around for alot longer so I started diet/exercise and Im down to 371.8 lbs. My current goal is 300 lbs. half way there
  10. DragonsBane

    PI crowd

    I was on both PI and FE as DragonsBane.
  11. DragonsBane

    Well, this brings back memories...

    -pounces DA and licks and nuzzles her- Sis! Welcome back! Ive missed you!
  12. DragonsBane

    Tattoos 4.0

    lol nipping is always accepted