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  1. What made you happy today?

    being down another 7 lbs
  2. What made you happy today?

    Trip to NOLA before hurricane nate hit
  3. this is what happens when you RTFM

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    2. DragonsBane


      RTFM = read the fucking manual lol

    3. Kethlia


      For the board?

      I thought it meant Read To Ffing Much as trying to play catch up on here. Lol.

    4. DragonsBane


      lol for status updates :D


  4. Dragonsbane

    lol ide forgotten all about the penguins!
  5. Blogs

    lol indeed!
  6. Welcome..... back

    A name that is not easily forgotten! Welcome back
  7. Welcome..... back

    Sweet beautiful woman cant think of anything but fun when thinking of you
  8. Goals

    When this year started I was 446lbs and met someone that made me realise I wanted to be around for alot longer so I started diet/exercise and Im down to 371.8 lbs. My current goal is 300 lbs. half way there
  9. PI crowd

    I was on both PI and FE as DragonsBane.
  10. Well, this brings back memories...

    -pounces DA and licks and nuzzles her- Sis! Welcome back! Ive missed you!
  11. Tattoos 4.0

    lol nipping is always accepted
  12. Kethlia

    -shivers- not sure about fancy but it is certainly delightful
  13. What made you sad?

    trying to find decent clothing for a fat man. all plus sized clothing for guys is ugly as hell unless i want shitty hawaiian print -growls-
  14. Eff sakes, guys.

    just like the old days! lol the struggle is real