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  1. Word association

  2. Word association

  3. Foods!

    Those cookies, by the way, are amazing. If we made them wrong, I don't wanna be right.
  4. Questions

    Do I have to?
  5. What are you looking at now?

    The ears of a small orange kitten, who has decided that my ear is a good place to start suckling... It's rather adorable.
  6. OC thread

    She works, I'm off to bed. If I can manage a decent post during a break at work, I'll gladly do so. If not, well... Then you'll just need to be patient.
  7. The palace of Light and Dark

    "I remember being asked for help..." His words trailed off as he tried to think. Nothing was there. "That's it. I remember nothing beyond my arrival there." With that, he closed his eyes again. With consious effort, his recovery began to quicken.
  8. The palace of Light and Dark

    It didn't take long for his body to recognize the energy. After a few moments, he let out a groan. After a few more, he started to wake. "Aliea? What... What am I doing here?" He grimaced after an unsuccessful attempt to move; he hasn't fully healed, after all.
  9. Old Face, New Name

    It's been a while. Glad to see you around.
  10. The palace of Light and Dark

    -The voice sounded familiar. His thoughts are faded. Foggy. His body starts to stir, while his mind begins to turn. "Focus..."- -With a groan of pain, he slowly pulls his arm in. After an attempt to move, his current weakness is apparent.-
  11. Welcome..... back

    Nah. I found it... as you can plainly see.
  12. The palace of Light and Dark

    -A portal silently, slowly, opens somewhere surrounded by trees. A figure with torn robes is thrown violently from it, impacting several of the wooden obstacles. With each collision, a clear sheen shatters free from his body to soak into the ground. The rupture fades as silently as it formed. Eventually, once he comes to a rest, his left arm lies limp, dislocated. Several relatively small injuries slowly ooze blood, including one on the side of his head. His good hand remains clamped on the hilt of his weapon.-
  13. OC thread

    I know the feeling. I've been feeling so tired lately, but I do want to get back into this. Whenever that is, I'm still not sure just how I want to set RD up... I should backread a bit, anyway.
  14. Welcome..... back

    Took a few minutes to find the button.
  15. Welcome..... back

    If you're going to insist, I like the fifth.