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  1. Kik, who's got it?

    It changed. Lol
  2. Head Count: who is missing?

    Likewise, you wonderful folks, you. Lol Good to be back
  3. Kik, who's got it?

    So... Who's got a Kik account? Wanna chat? Here's me:
  4. 42

    Makes perfect sense he was, though... Doesn't it?
  5. Head Count: who is missing?

    'Fraid Jin and I had a huge falling out a while back. Don't expect that one to be here while I am. So many long stories there.
  6. Old Face, New Name

    No, it's the titular character from Mentaiko's Priapus bara yaoi comic. Hey CJ! *smiles and huggles tight*
  7. Old Face, New Name

    Lmao. Actually, I hadn't thought of that. More like as in bake-danuki, the yokai form of the tanuki.
  8. Old Face, New Name

    Glad I have, too, brother.
  9. Old Face, New Name

    I'm not too bad. Bit of this, bit of that. Lol
  10. Old Face, New Name

    Heyo, all! I'm Danuki now, but you may remember me from such roles as Mage or SleepingFire from previous incarnations of this lovely place.
  11. Welcome..... back

    Hello again, everyone! The siren song of my old home calls me back. ((btw, I'm Mage/SleepingFire otherwise known as Daniel. I'm from southwestern PA, USA. I was a co-admin of NL in the past)) *lightning pounce-huggles everyone* My family!