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  1. Redly

    The Timeless Inn

    She finds his grin is slightly infectious and smiles in return. "Then you'll fit right in." His question startles her slightly and she can't stop the quizzical look on her face. "For fun? I don't think anybody has ever asked me that." Thorn cocks an eyebrow. "There's usually so much to do, I don't really do anything that doesn't have a purpose to it." Thorn smiles a little wryly. "You try running a farmstead like this largely by yourself, then you'll know what I mean." She takes a gulp of her drink, to think some more. "I guess the most fun thing I do, when I get the opportunity, is go riding. The lands around this place change frequently, so it's always a challenge. I never quite know what I'll find."
  2. Redly

    The Timeless Inn

    Thorn catches Bob’s smile and salute with his glass, and raises her own to him with a small nod. Turning back to Soren, she grimaces a little. “No that’s not it. It’s just that you can either try to make this place normal, whatever that is for you, or you can just go with the flow. If you try for normal, trust me,” she says with a shrug, then a level look straight at him, “you’ll fail.”
  3. Redly

    Lost - Part 1

    Well I'm not sleeping tonight... Thanks! Seriously, loved it. Terrified of it but loved it.
  4. Redly

    logging out issue is back

    @Timberwolf mine just logged me out. I clicked on Forums in the top menu bar and it logged me out to the home page thingy. 2000 GMT and I'm using Safari.
  5. Redly

    Twitter names

    @hirondelle @fox We've had discussions about the quote before! I haven't had it tattooed yet (it's a toss-up between that or "Though she be but little she is fierce" in terms of Shakespeare) but I bought it inscribed on a Mobius (sp?) strip necklace 3 years ago in the British Museum and it hasn't left my neck (except overnight - I'm not a heathen) ever since. I love it. I have also seen it in context performed live at the home of Shakespeare, Stratford-upon-Avon, by the Royal Shakespeare Company. An amazing rendition of the play. @fox I don't think I follow you on Twitter..... Shame on me. I shall do. I follow your IG. IG is awesome. I use it more heavily now to supplement my blog than I did personally. I have several handles on that too.
  6. Redly


    Um, I'm fit enough to run a flight of stairs and not be hanging by the time I reach the top. But I'm not marathon-fit. I'm slender and strong. I enjoy physical fitness and being outdoors, but I'm not obsessed over it. Oh wow, that's a difficult question. Or set of questions. I suppose I can't stand how easily I trust people. You'd think I'd have learned by now, but I just do. I usually end up hurt, but I have always tried to see the best in people. I guess that leads me to trust them? I can't stand it because I end up hurting or humiliated. As I've already said, I trusted my ex and look where that got me. I'm not sure how I'd change it without going totally the other way and ending up never trusting anyone. That's not really what I want. I guess I've never thought about it before. Um. I still think there's good in all people. Real life goals or fantasy goals? Ha, if it's the latter, I'd love to live in a fairy tale. I'd like to, just once, meet the fey and see their beauty and terrible power for myself. I wish the fantasy world were real, a lot of the time. Real life goals, I've never really thought about them, to be totally honest with you. That's not great, is it? It was to have a lovely little place with some land and a nice community but that was with my ex and we never got there. And now, I don't really know what I want. To escape. I think that's clear.
  7. Redly

    The Timeless Inn

    Thorn chewed, swallowed and nodded to Alanna. "Then I have no issue at all and will gratefully accept help. Once you've had some sleep, I'll show you around. The small holding is right behind the Inn. Some of the pasture ranges out a little ways, but not far." She shrugged. "It's an oddity of this realm. It is a world in it's own right but you just can't rely on all the normal rules. For example, every now and again, we move." Thorn frowned and cocked her head to one side. "Or maybe the world moves around us. I have no idea. You'll get used to it." Her attention was captured by Bob. She smiled and nodded graciously. "Thank you Bob, it was a fine choice, if I say so myself. I'm glad you enjoyed your meal so... voraciously." She looked to Soren and flushed gently. "Thank you Soren, that's kind of you to say. I've had time to practice!" Thorn snorted lightly through her nose. Then she frowned at his question. "That's a good question. I can't really say, as no time passes here. But let's just say it's been a while. That's the thing with this place. You can't keep track of days, since there aren't any, and if you used your internal body rhythm to judge it, you'd probably either go insane or just get downhearted." She shrugged again. "I don't bother. It's somewhat liberating."
  8. Redly

    The Timeless Inn

    Thorn sat down by the wine bottle, and started to dig in to her own meal, but delicately. The lamb was cooked to perfection, if she said so herself, falling off the bone easily and running with juices. Alanna's request surprised her somewhat. She took a moment to watch her and chew thoughtfully. "Unfortunately, there are no other worlds to rampage here. To my knowledge, we're the only humanoids in this-" she gestured, searching for the word, "between-worlds." Thorn poured some red wine for herself and took a long, slow drink, carefully licking the corners of her mouth clean. "However, I do have a functioning small-holding so farming skills are always helpful around here. But you are my guest, Alanna. You do not have to do anything you don't wish to. Eventually, you'll be Found again and return home." She took a slow inhale. "I won't turn willing help down though, but do not feel you must."
  9. Redly

    Hand lettering and line drawing

    @Squarepeg It's a pretty great way of organising yourself without being restricted by set planners. It's basically whatever the hell you want it to be. You take a blank notebook, of your choice, and start putting things together. There are standard ways of doing it, but pretty much everyone who does it has their own style and approach. There are some who are uber creative and, quite frankly, ridiculously pretty, and then there are others, like mine, that are relatively plain but completely functional. So bullet journals aren't just day planners. That's one element. You then have monthly elements you can add, or weekly, depending on your approach. Or both! You can add habit trackers, pretty pictures, memory pages, literally whatever you want to, since it's entirely free. And because it isn't a set 2018 planner, there may be some days you put it down and don't pick it up again. But you haven't wasted pages. Also, you can use the daily entries (which are kind of the point of it) for whatever you wish - events, notes, quotes, tasks, goals, pictures, weather, doodles, ideas, whatever. Check out Ryder Carrol's page - he invented the Bullet Journal as a brand. http://bulletjournal.com Once you have the basics down, you can flex how you want. I'm planning on making a blog post on my bullet journalling approach. I'd be lost without mine. P.S. The top image of my original post is a page I did in my bullet journal ready for the New Year.
  10. Redly

    Sharing Positivity

    Thank you so much @fantasymom. I love having it.
  11. Redly

    Twitter names

    It is strange. I was quite glad it wasn’t though. I love that quote and being able to twist it to my own creative purposes was golden. @TimberwolfI enjoyed watching hockey but don’t understand it at all lol. I really need to watch your stuff though. Just because.
  12. Redly

    Twitter names

    Thanks! I saw 😁 I’ll add back name grab?
  13. Redly

    Twitter names

    I'm the same. I have 3 for different reasons, I also have 2 IG accounts. I also use Twitter for promoting different things (although that implies regular usage...). @redly12 is my professional education/coaching/law handle. @cornucopiaofkin is my family history handle. @forthineownself is my personal development handle that is attached to my blog, For Thine Own Self, Create.
  14. Redly

    YouTube Channel

    I love this. A friend of mine vlogs for her counselling/therapy business - she overcame huge amounts of mental health issues, including anxiety and personality disorders, to publicly vlog. I'm proud of both of you for overcoming fears and putting yourself out there! It has inspired me, completely. Love it Do you find it cathartic almost? You said therapeutic?
  15. Redly

    The Timeless Inn

    Patiently, Thorn heard Alanna mutter to herself. It happened to a lot of the Lost, that they missed where they came from. Thorn wished she could set her mind at ease. A drink would do for now though. "Sure, I'll bring it right over." Turning to the bar, she briefly caught sight of Bob's teeth and nodded to herself. Yep, that's what she'd missed having customers for. You never knew what you were going to get. Thorn returned to the table with Alanna's whiskey, setting it down before her, as Yui rejoined the group, gesturing for her to join them. She smiled. "Thanks Yui, I think I will. Dig in, I'l get you a glass of red." The Innkeeper hastened back to the bar, rummaged on the shelves behind it and found what she was looking for: a dusty bottle of vintage red wine, brought by a customer from before her time. The last Keeper had recommended it, promised to share it with her one day, then Found himself and vanished before he could. This seemed a good occasion for it. Setting the bottle and several deep wine glasses on a silver tray, Thorn ambled back over and set it down, as Soren dished up the plates of food. She supposed it looked damn good, if she could say so herself. Smiling to herself, she takes a plate gratefully from Soren and sits on the spare chair, as close to the corner of the room as she could, facing the front door and the hallway door where the back door came in. Old habits die hard. "I do hope you enjoy all. Lamb shanks. Slow cooked for 6 hours. And here's some red wine to go with it. Anyone want a glass?"