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    Hey my pretty one *embraces her beautiful Keth*
  2. raekin

    Welcome..... back

    @hirondelle nothing particularly exciting, I'm on probably my fifth job since I was last here, but this one I actually enjoy! Making things fit and telling people they can't have things if they don't follow the rules - so perfect for me! I have some more tattoos... I have been with a guy I've loved for over a decade for 6 months now, woo! I have a cat, and my very own little house, I'm still a fucked up crazy person, but I'm doing my best to overcome it... I can't think of anything particularly exciting that I've done! How have you been? *glompsnugs* (Until there's an emoticon for that!) EDIT: Oh, apart from having cervical cancer cells burnt out of me last year, that was alllllllll of the fun.... Also, woooooo!!!
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    Oh you....

    YAY! All of the loves @fox
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    Welcome..... back

    Hi folks, still raekin... One of the rare British type folks on here!