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  1. The palace of Light and Dark

    Liea automatically reached out as he stumbled slightly, her hand coming into contact with his arm. At the touch she froze slightly before lowering her hand. "Come I'll show to a room." She went to turn then stopped, instead she was waited to see if he stumbled again before heading into the palace. "Red?" She asked again before drawing more power from herself and allowing herself to become solid. "Oh Red." As gently as she could she turned him, allowing his head to rest on her lap while she ran her fingers through his hair, her power flowing gently through him, allowing him to heal.
  2. The palace of Light and Dark

    As she waited for Hawk to answer she felt the disruption of another arriving. Turning slightly she looked towards one of the open windows before closing her eyes and sent out a part of herself to see what was happening. Once done she returned her attention back to Hawk. Moving quickly she searched out the newcomer, her search only lasting a few minutes because as she got closer she recognises the feeling of being close to one she knew well. Appearing in the woods next to the fallen man she knelt and reached out. "Red?"
  3. Self Harm

    I want to bleed....dont know why...that's a lie. My scars are healing and starting to fade... God I hate this part of me. Fighting Always fighting One day it will stop. One day I will breath again. One day I shall be who I want to be.
  4. Red sun

    Britain has a red sun today. The ex hurricane has cause Sahara desert sand to be thrown into the atmosphere causing this awesome effect.
  5. Picture Forum

    Couple of snap chat pics just cause
  6. Welcome..... back

    OMG!!!!! ~Tackles @Reddragon and hugs tight~ You're here!!!!!!! So happy you joined us! Missed you x x
  7. The palace of Light and Dark

    "Of course you may. The palace is a haven after all to any who need It." She felt a slight sense of uneasy she just wished she knew why. "Come, we have rooms aplenty if you simply seek rest or we have places to seek guidance if that is what you wish." "Hiro is a guest here, but she is also family." Standing her eyes narrow as she steps closer to Moonhawk. "Here no one can be harmed, to do so is to break the one rule I uphold more than any." The light in the room intensified a moment, so much so it almost became blinding before she regained herself. "I need you to trust in your safety here just as everyone else does. You are safe Hawk. After all from what you have told me, Hiro is the least of your problems."
  8. Northlands Sleeping Pods

    ~hugs @hirondelletightly as she walks in~ love you hun. ~Walks to a pod painted blue with lights that cast light on water effect onto the roof of the pod. The mattress is covered in fluffy pillows and blankets. Climbing in I rearrange the pilliows and curl up in a ball pulling a blanket over myself, falls asleep feeling a little happier.~
  9. Depression at it worse

    A sleep pod would be awesome @hirondelle x
  10. Depression at it worse

    I hate that a set back really takes it out of you. I have been so exhausted this week I'm finding it hard to function, I save all my energy for work and so I have nothing for home and I feel like I'm letting everyone down. I don't know what to do and I've been keeping myself isolated when on my own which doesn't help, I've even stayed away from here and yet here is my happy place, here is home but I just can not bring myself to interact with anything or anyone. It's funny the only thing to hold my attention is some stupid styling app I found, it is so silly but it keeps me occupied for a time at least. Anyways I miss everyone just letting you know I haven't disappeared, I lurk when I can
  11. OC thread

    I have been so exhausted this week, something happened at work on Friday and it has taken me so long to recover from it I just don't have the brain capacity to think and it so sucks But like everyone else, I haven't abandoned anything just not in a great place x
  12. Colouring

    I'm waiting for my Christmas one
  13. OC thread

    You haven't killed palace, I have. But will try to post today x
  14. Craving intimacy

    I hate being touched or hugged when I'm feeling low. I feel like I don't deserve it and it makes my skin crawl. But when the emotions finally break free I just want to be held and loved I understand the need for touch, it really does heal and I wish I could reach through and give you what you need. Much love and mental hugs x x
  15. OC thread

    i know, and i will just a bit brain dead atm x