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  1. Happy Birthday Aliea

    Thanks hun x x
  2. Toothache? Childbirth? Kicked in the nuts? Go! Me I would take childbirth over the damn pain I am in right now with toothache!
  3. Happy Birthday Tika!!

    Glad you had a good day beautiful X x
  4. Happy birthday @Tika! Hope You have a fantastic day! Much love and hugs and kisses x x x x x x 🎁🎊🎉😙❤🍹
  5. Self Harm

    2 weeks.....wow I'm rather proud of myself 2 weeks and not one cut!
  6. Holiday cut short, boy is ill :( wish I could just make it all better. Miss this place just not had the time to get stuck back in but fear not I shall always be lurking x

    1. fox


      <3 Awh. I'm sorry, honey. That's disappointing. I hope he feels better really soon and that you can find a bit more time for you.

  7. Lurking... I'm on holiday! Will post if I get a free few minutes x   

    1. hirondelle


      I’m on holiday too, thought I would Ben here loads but actually I have been pretty busy.

  8. OC thread

    Right...off to work been fun writing this morning ty @Reddragonand @Moonhawk x x
  9. OC thread

    Regarding Palace. I have no idea yet what is happening I'm just making it up as I go. However this morning while writing with @Moonhawkall I kept thinking was that Social Media was coming to get us! I was laughing at myself as thinking this, but it is kinda true. Social media put an end to boards like this, yet here we all are back to what we really enjoy and connecting to people in a way Social media doesn't allow. Anyways thought it was a cool thought so just wanted to share
  10. The palace of Light and Dark

    "I agree, but I can not see it. I've searched as has Liea and yet what ever is causing this remains hidden. I worry for my world's, though they will do just fine without me, what is to become of them it this thing also targets them?" Sighing she closed her eyes for a moment regaining her composure before looking up and smiling slightly. "I am sure we will get to the bottom of it."
  11. Research project help?

    My pregnancy and labour was all midwife led. I only saw a consultant once when they had trouble getting a good scan of Oliver's heart. The fact you can build a bond with the women helping you through your pregnancy I think helps to reassure you and feel able to talk to them about anything, even if you think it is silly. As for your research maybe join the middle England time line with the more modern one. I think they are closely linked and it might be interesting to see the similarities as well as the difference. If you have any questions about my pregnancy and labour feel free to ask anything And good luck x x
  12. The palace of Light and Dark

    "Unfortunately Hiro has no memory of herself, my children are with her right now and she has no idea who they are. After you and all our other guest are settled I hope to help her." She smiles gently. "Another has arrived, a very dear friend of mine. He was the God of Heaven, wether he still is, is yet to be determined. I'll be bring him here shortly, maybe he can help answer some questions and also help with your brother."
  13. The palace of Light and Dark

    "Easy my friend." She quietly ordered as he tried to move. "I don't know why you are here, but people have been arriving disoriented, either not knowing who they are or why they are here. Something is happening I just don't know what yet. What is the last thing you remember?"
  14. Missing - Part 1

    Got me hooked x
  15. The palace of Light and Dark

    Liea automatically reached out as he stumbled slightly, her hand coming into contact with his arm. At the touch she froze slightly before lowering her hand. "Come I'll show to a room." She went to turn then stopped, instead she was waited to see if he stumbled again before heading into the palace. "Red?" She asked again before drawing more power from herself and allowing herself to become solid. "Oh Red." As gently as she could she turned him, allowing his head to rest on her lap while she ran her fingers through his hair, her power flowing gently through him, allowing him to heal.