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Status Updates posted by Aliea

  1. *spins on the spot till she falls down.*

    Someone play with me! I'm bored!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So...infinity war....no words hence just a status update to  say yes I've seen it and it killed a huge part if me!

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    2. Aliea


      Oh defiantly see it!

    3. Timberwolf


      All I wanna know is was it good?

    4. Aliea


      It was better than good...I can not wait to see it again!

  3. Work sucks. It takes me away from all my fave people!!! Anyways you might find me lurking a tad more but still here :love2:

    1. Kethlia


      Shadows the Lurker?

  4. Holiday cut short, boy is ill :( wish I could just make it all better. Miss this place just not had the time to get stuck back in but fear not I shall always be lurking x

    1. fox


      <3 Awh. I'm sorry, honey. That's disappointing. I hope he feels better really soon and that you can find a bit more time for you.

  5. Lurking... I'm on holiday! Will post if I get a free few minutes x   

    1. hirondelle


      I’m on holiday too, thought I would Ben here loads but actually I have been pretty busy.

  6. In good news... 3 days off!!!!!

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    2. The Coolest Breeze

      The Coolest Breeze

      @Aliea what are you going to do in these 3 days?

    3. Timberwolf


      Now that would be fun to watch!  :boobeyes:

    4. The Coolest Breeze

      The Coolest Breeze

      @Aliea I want to smell your pheromones.

  7. I wonder how many parents are led in bed with there children watching Lion king at 5:47 in the morning. I can not be the only one!

  8. Walking around naked cleaning while waiting for bath to run, joys of having the house to yourself :angel:

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    2. Kethlia


      How could it not? A beauty doing her own thing and enjoying the hell out of it. Forgive us if we don't say a thing the image is breath taking.

    3. Aliea


      Thanks @Kethlia you know how to make a girl blush x 

    4. Moonhawk


      ~grabs a chair and some popcorn and watches~

  9. I hate everything today...

    No response needed just putting it out there. Still love u all tho 

    1. hirondelle


      Phew glad you still love us *hugs* 


    2. Aliea


      Will always love u lot, no idea why 😉

    3. fox


      BECAUSE WE'RE AWESOME. ...obvs.... :hug:

  10. Great British Bake Off anyone?

  11. Don't you just love children's programs in the morning *hits head against a wall*

    1. Timberwolf


      LMAO, I used to have that. xD 

    2. fox


      PAW Patrol! B|