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  1. OMG WHY

    I found some workout videos on youtube that work well for me. It took a bit of hunting, but I found them! I can't do anything that involves jumping or things that involve moving my head extensively (pushups and sit ups are out) because it messes with my head too much. I do the ten minute video every two hours.
  2. Happy Birthday Kenai

    I completely forgot about checking here for my birthday! A rather belated thank you for the birthday wishes.
  3. OMG WHY

    so the weather here is getting to the point where outside isn't happening very often. Stupid high wind gusts. So I've made a new goal of every hour, I'm active for at least ten minutes. It varies between cleaning spurts, dance parties with Jarek, or just good old playing with an active toddler. It's been working decent. I just did the dance party idea for the first time today and my brain is regretting it a bit. >.> (set off a dizzy spell)
  4. Day 1, Again

    Maintaining happens sometimes. *hugs*
  5. You should watch it. I hate the red pill subreddit because its vile, but the movie is brilliant. If I remember correctly, they make a comment about how their movement has been hurt by a lot of nastiness.. In my own opinion, they were referring to the subreddit.
  6. Love Stories

    I'm still interested! Please, tell us more.
  7. Failure

    But you tried. *hugs* I know you're probably too upset for my annoying optimism, But I'm still proud of you for trying rather than just immediately saying "Nope, can't do it."
  8. Old Face, New Name

    Is your avatar from the coming out on top game? Also, welcome!
  9. The problem is its acceptable for women to admit to being victimized because its okay for women to be vulnerable. Men are mocked and stigmatized if they say "hey, I was sexually harassed/molested". Interesting fact: out of all the domestic violence shelters in the united states, there is only ONE for men. It opened in Arkansas of this year. THIS YEAR. Out of the existing shelters, only 8 percent are open to both men and women. The rest are women only. So male and female are all equal now, or at least pretty close*, yet there is no support for male victims. **speaking for the united states only
  10. Everything made me happy today. I stayed under my calorie goals. The kid was extra sweet and cuddly today.
  11. What made you sad?

    You have so much love for those cats Pyro. It's something I've always admired about you. It takes a lot of strength to love an animal and then to give them up to their forever home. It probably doesn't help the grief now, I just wanted to say it.
  12. Welcome..... back

    Chelsea AND Chris? We're spoiled! Welcome!.
  13. Progress Pictures

    I'm totally crashing this thread, let me know if I need my own and I'll edit the pic out... BUT OMG PROGRESS sidenote: Please ignore my spawns artwork on the walls.
  14. The Timeless Inn

    "I do have to be helpful. Not due to undue pressure, I assure you. It's simply the drive to be vital. Tomorrow I will venture out to the small holding and ascertain how I may best be of use." Alanna paused after her statement. She had been talking in a commanding manner. It was a difficult concept that she wasn't a ruler here. She was free. "With your permission, of course. It is, after all, your realm."
  15. Its Baaaaaccckkk!!!

    YAY you're here! Welcome home!