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  1. The problem is its acceptable for women to admit to being victimized because its okay for women to be vulnerable. Men are mocked and stigmatized if they say "hey, I was sexually harassed/molested". Interesting fact: out of all the domestic violence shelters in the united states, there is only ONE for men. It opened in Arkansas of this year. THIS YEAR. Out of the existing shelters, only 8 percent are open to both men and women. The rest are women only. So male and female are all equal now, or at least pretty close*, yet there is no support for male victims. **speaking for the united states only
  2. Everything made me happy today. I stayed under my calorie goals. The kid was extra sweet and cuddly today.
  3. What made you sad?

    You have so much love for those cats Pyro. It's something I've always admired about you. It takes a lot of strength to love an animal and then to give them up to their forever home. It probably doesn't help the grief now, I just wanted to say it.
  4. Welcome..... back

    Chelsea AND Chris? We're spoiled! Welcome!.
  5. Progress Pictures

    I'm totally crashing this thread, let me know if I need my own and I'll edit the pic out... BUT OMG PROGRESS sidenote: Please ignore my spawns artwork on the walls.
  6. The Timeless Inn

    "I do have to be helpful. Not due to undue pressure, I assure you. It's simply the drive to be vital. Tomorrow I will venture out to the small holding and ascertain how I may best be of use." Alanna paused after her statement. She had been talking in a commanding manner. It was a difficult concept that she wasn't a ruler here. She was free. "With your permission, of course. It is, after all, your realm."
  7. Its Baaaaaccckkk!!!

    YAY you're here! Welcome home!
  8. Guilty pleasures

    Tori Amos little earthquakes. >.>
  9. I was able to go for a walk today!
  10. Hey Songmistress...?

    The darkness makes the light shine all that much brighter. : )
  11. The Timeless Inn

    As her fellow lost ate and celebrated merrily, the taste started to come back to the food. Alanna found herself switching from eating mechanically to actually savoring each bite. "Thorn, I have a request of you. I feel uncomfortable not offering any sort of assistance. While my primary skills are rather useless here, surely there must be something I can do to help. I do have minimal experience farming. I think that would be the most helpful, unless you have invading worlds on a rampage."
  12. I'll have to check AVEN out. It's kinda nice not to feel completely alone in this regard. And yeah, I'm really lucky. He must love me. I don't get physically sick like some do, but I would fall very much into the "its meh" category. Its funny that it took me so long to figure out. I read an article about it a couple years ago and then everything made so much more sense. I used to joke that while I physically hit puberty, I never got passed the "Ew boys have cooties" stage.
  13. chapter length

    How long do you prefer your chapters to be? I'm at a point where the breaks I have so far it makes sense to have three chapters, but the word count is lower for the second chapter than I'd like.
  14. Otherworld - Threaded Edition

    Hey there, handsome! Skipping up to the bar, she sits down on a stool, her elbows resting lazily on top of the bar. I"ll have the usual, I think. Can I get a light? Pulls her own pack of cigs out of her pocket, placing one in her mouth in a smooth practiced manner while looking expectantly at Lucien.
  15. Otherworld - Threaded Edition

    No. Place is totally empty. Hops down from the tree she was perched in. Just us ghosts! Smirks at the stranger and swaggers into the tavern, the door slamming shut behind her.