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Found 3 results

  1. Name your top 10 movies of all time...If your going to use a series like Star Wars..just use it once, 1) of course Star Wars 2) the Hobbit 3) Lord of the rings 4) Dune 5)Star Trek 6) Harry Potter 7)The book of Eli 8) Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy 9) Castaway or most other Tom Hanks. 10) I"ll leave this one open...lol. After #8 I really had to think.
  2. Phoenix

    Blade Runner?

    So, I fell asleep watching the first Blade Runner a few years back. The sequel, Blade Runner 2049, is getting rave reviews. The sequel's director, Denis Villeneuve, previously helmed the excellent Arrival and is planning a new Dune adaptation next, which has me very excited. Blade Runner 2049 also has Hans Zimmer on the score, so I'm certainly interested. Should I give the original another shot?
  3. hirondelle

    Guilty pleasures

    Do you have any media based guilty pleasures? Not something you brag about or discuss in the office maybe - but something you enjoy on your own, with perhaps a tub of ice-cream... Here is one of mine: