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Found 2 results

  1. Aliea

    Self Harm

    One of the more serious sides of mental health that people avoid to talk about. So, I self harm, At least once a week normally more so on a bad week. Small deep cuts that I let bleed. It's hard for self harmers to talk about it simply because of the stigma that people put on it. They think you are seeking attention and that you are stupid for doing it. They don't understand the release that comes from doing it, the quietness that descended, the wall that builds up blocking out all the hateful words running through your mind. The also don't get that it is a physical manifistation of the cuts and scars that are covering your broken mind. So, I'm a self harmer, I am suicidal but I am still here and still fighting and that is all I can ask for right now.
  2. hirondelle

    Why there is no Underworld

    A few of you have asked about The Underworld. It was, is and always will be the most precious RP I have wasted my time in. It was created in PI and I dragged it around to every fantasy themed discussion board I joined, or helped run ever since. However I won't be starting it here... I chatted with Kim and we felt it was appropriate to share why. Our beloved friend Bob Forsythe passed away on July 25 2012. He played Ogre in the Underworld and although he no longer posted often when he did is was a little bit of wonderful. Ogre loved two things: Guinness and women. He really did love all of us, but one Underworldly woman had a special place in his heart (and on his lap) and that was our Vyxen. When, a year after the Bob's death, we decided to close The Northlands, neither Kim or I had posted much in there for a while; and yet it was - to both of us - the place where he was. We could feel his spirit in the space and we didn't want to leave him, but we knew we couldn't bring him any further. So we decided to leave him there as our eternal guardian - and, perhaps inevitably, Vyxen chose to remain with him. So on July 25th 2013 - exactly one year after Bob passed away Hirondelle sealed Vyxen and Ogre in The Underworld together and removed all access and then a day later we closed the board completely. The Underworld can never be retrieved - we can access it in our hearts and minds but it will never exist digitally, and new stories cannot be shaped there (though if you buy us a Guinness I am sure we could be convinced to tell you some old ones). So as far is this world is concerned there is no Underworld and no Vyxen (though we are fortunate enough to have a lovely @fox who is very like her). The Underworld is not gone, It exists beyond our reach and I am sure a beautiful story is being written there... but it is a private love story and one we will never get to read. We love you Ogre, rest well Bob. ~ If you or someone you know is feeling suicidal or just needs someone to talk to, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. To learn more about the warning signs of suicide, head here. List of international suicide hotlines IMAlive is a text based crisis line for people who don't like to use a phone